President Buhari deserve credit with his empowerment scheme

In as much as I won’t support PMB in 2019, I must as well admit
that he has done well with the NPower scheme. To be honest, the
initiative has all it takes to salvage our manpower redundancy. If
only the participants would up their games as well as the
management not allowing the Nigerian factor to have it’s dark side
on her.
Like SureP, NPower is a very well thought put plan to rebuilding
Nigeria’s dead workforce, though NPower is more robust with very
many catch points, especially the Artisan rebirth. There’s never a
time we need more Nigerians to embrace this concept than now.
To me, this is the only visible achievement of this present
Administration not Power PR Security as she claimed in her Demo-
Crazy day.
The secret to this success is primarily the fact that it is been
managed by private sector not the the more you look the less you
see politicians.


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