President Buhari exposes his cluelessness at the international community

The media, journalists and bloggers, are now the enemies of
President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. But the truth is
that President Buhari is his own enemy. Anytime he opens his
mouth and addresses the media, mostly outside Nigeria, the
president exposes his cluelessness, lack of sensitivity to serious
issues, and brash judgment of serious issues exposing his
myopia. Because of his mouth diarrhea, because the presidency
don’t know what would come out of his mouth to embarrass him,
they tactically shielded the man from talking to the Nigerian media.
This desperation was why the Nigerian embassy in the United
States planted journalists in the White House when President
Buhari went to see Donald Trump. It was later revealed that
President Trump called him a lifeless man, but then that’s another
When addressing the media in China, President Buhari said the
shrinking Lake Chad is the reason why Fulani herdsmen are killing
Nigerians in the rural areas, mostly in the Middle Belt region of
Nigeria. As usual he tried to defend the killer herdsmen and blame
the media of bias reporting of the matter. The Punch Editorial has
this to say about President Buhari’s crass ignorance, “President
Muhammadu Buhari demonstrated his cluelessness afresh on
Sunday when he blamed herders’ act of horrific violence on the
shrinking Lake Chad and alleged biased media reports.”
Anytime he travels out and opens his mouth, President Buhari
goofs out something that puts the presidency on the defensive. He
has been the cause of the divisiveness in the nation since he
became president. The last time he was in London, the President
opened his mouth and told the world Nigerian youths are lazy
bunch who think because they have oil they shouldn’t do anything.
Out of touch with reality, this man doesn’t even know what
Nigerian youths have created out of nothing. Nollywood,
Kannywood, in fact Mark Zukerberg visited Nigeria and has very
good things to say about the internet revolution somewhere in
Yaba that is called the Silicon Valley of Africa. Everyday you go on
the streets you see Nigerian youths doing great things and
achieving greatest in every field, from the academics to sports,
fashion, arts, and every industry you know. President Buhari
doesn’t know that.
President Buhari’s has again shown that he is taking side with the
Fulani herdsmen. To President Buhari they are the victims. Didn’t
some House of Representative lady Member representing Dukku/
Nafada Federal Constituency of Gombe State, Hon. Aishatu Jibril
Dukku, told the world that Allah created the Fulanis that way to love
cows more than human beings to justify the killings. That’s the
The problem has never been the media. President Buhari’s
cluelessness has always been the problem. I thought he told the
Arch-Bishop of Canterbury in London that the killers are not from
Nigeria but late Mamman Ghadafi trained militias. He told
President Trump that Fulani don’t carry guns but sticks and knives
to clear grass despite all the video evidence of Fulani herdsmen
carrying all sorts of assault weapons, in fact despite some group
and leaders of Miyetti Allah claiming some of these massacres
and giving reasons why.
President Buhari is his own enemy and not the media. You cannot
stop the media and social media from writing about you if you are
the president and they would write about what you say, the action
you take, your inaction, body language, and analyze all of it and
have an opinion of it. If you enjoy the praises you should also take
the criticisms.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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