President Buhari should learn from Alhaji Balarabe Musa – Take it back movement

The Take it Back Movement commends the former Governor of
Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, on his retirement from active
service as the National Chairman of his party, the People
Redemption Party (PRP) as he cites fading health as the reason for
stepping down.
In a country where the president resides abroad for months on
end, enjoying the investments other countries have made in their
health care system, and still hopes to run for a second term even
in his frail, ineffectual condition, this is welcome news indeed.
Balarabe Musa has served Nigeria fearlessly and tirelessly. He
holds the unique distinction of being the first elected Nigerian
official to be impeached when in 1981, a corrupt State House of
Assembly led by the then NPN (forerunner of today’s APC and
PDP) removed him from office for standing firm against
For almost 40 years, Balarabe Musa has exemplified selfless
service and personified patriotism. With his last action as
Chairman of his party, the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), he has
again shown that he values the progress of his party and the
nation, over the senseless accumulation of power. Many Nigerians
might be pleasantly surprised that an incumbent leader should take
this decision to give younger, fitter leaders the opportunity to
emerge in creating a stronger nation. This is however, exactly the
type of action that selfless leaders take.
While the Movement has always maintained that age cannot be the
sole criterion for fit governance, it is refreshing to see that the old
guards are starting to concede that, for Nigeria to progress, there
must be room at the table for fresh ideas.
It is our hope that the other leaders take this important lesson on
board as we continue to press forward in our struggle to reclaim
The TakeItBack Movement also wishes to thank Balarabe Musa
again for his warm welcome of our leader, Omoyele Sowore, during
his visit to Kaduna.

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