President Mohammadu Buhari the worthless personality in the committee of nations.

Sen. Dino has reminded PMB that PDP borrowed N6trn in 16yrs & were able to establish Civil defence but his govt borrowed N11trn in 3yrs yet not able to establish Peace corps.
He further notified the public that the Senate will do everything within its powers to out veto PMB and ensure the establishment of Peace corps in Nigeria. Speaking further, he made reference to the achievements of Civil defence in the National security architecture and wonder why PMB refused to assent to the one thing that would be seen as APC’s only achievement in 4yrs.
Responding to Dino’s submission, Most Nigerians are quick to understand that PMB represents human blood hence his refusal, in other to ensure the fulani herdsmen are not defeated by the supposed increase in the nation’s security architecture.
In another news, Ghanians have called on PMB to channel his know-how on the fight against corruption to the snake that swallowed N36m in Nigeria instead of shamelessly parading himself to the international communities as Mr. Integrity. They concluded by referring to him as a worthless personality in the committee of nations.

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