Presidential politics is a different ball game from any of the local plays—Ade

Presidential politics is a different ball game from any of the local
plays. It id not about love or popularity. It is always about
consensus. Who knew the late Katsina Governor Yar’Adua going
into the 2007 PDP primaries? Who knew Bayelsa’s Goodluck
Jonathan? Vs Odili, Duke…
When you are running as President. You are running on the backs
of platforms and alliances, not on your own merit. That’s why
Buhari never won on his own ‘popularity’. He needed the Generals,
Business community, Diplomats, Clerics, Civil society and
academia. In 2015, he had them
When Buhari lost his previous elections, the elite including Emirs
were often attacked by the talakawas in various parts of the North.
Why? Because they blamed establishment structures for his
defeat. It is extremely critical in high stakes elections..
Three days after the PDP National convention in 2017. Tambuwal
held a secret meeting with Wike, Okowa and Ibori in Oghara, Delta.
It was about 2019. This was a meeting of the three most powerful
people in SS politics. Yet people say he did not campaign. How?
A lot of us do not understand these things. Ibori, now Wike is the
main establishment figure of the South South since the death of the
Governor General. You need him and his structures – the militants,
the bunkerers, the oil contractors to win SS. It is not on social

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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