Father Oguejiofor
Chile who currently is the parish priest in Woliwo Onitsha Anambra
state, Verifiable sources confirmed him to be a priest who do not
only attend to spiritual needs of his congregations but goes extra
miles to see to their happiness,believing that the Church should
be a place of refuge for them, He spends and advocate rescue to
the level of abjection and sufferings of children in the motherless
babies home. He said, The Rev Fr said, “This woman, Elizabeth,
met me after adoration and said she wanted to adopt a male child.
I contacted Maxwell (Agu) because I know that he has an
orphanage. He brought a form for adoption. “He later brought the
baby to our parish together with Joy (Esu). I called Elizabeth and
she said she liked the baby boy. The woman handed N750,000 to
me and and I gave it to Maxwell. He said she needed to pay
additional N50,000 and I then asked what the money was meant
for. He said the money was for the processing of adoption papers
and certificate. I called him later after the payment was made, but
Maxwell said the certificate was not ready. “I wanted to help the
lady and that was what I was after because people come to me for
help and I help them. I am in shock now. This is my 32 years in
the ministry, but look at how am going to crash. “My hands, legs
and entire body are in the trap now, how do I extricate myself? I
only wanted to help the woman; I had no other intention , God of
adoration you searches the heart. Elizabeth, who adopted the
baby, said she had six grown up daughters but wanted to have a
male child because of the negative effect of not having a male
child in Igbo culture. She said she contacted the reverend father to
help her because she did not know how to go about it. Elizabeth,
who is a widow, said she regretted involving the man of God in
this, and she regretted seeking a male child for adoption, adding
that her daughters had always assured her that they would make
her proud. The CP said the baby was sold for N800,000 and the
sale of the baby was facilitated by the reverend father who
received not even a single Kobo out of the transaction. Ignorance
of the law is not an excuse, Law is made for man and not man for
the law, Morally Father you re not wrong? Your crime is -Seeking
to help the poor children at the orphanage homes to be adopted
into families that will at least give them the basic necessities of
life -Helping too much is your major crime Who told u to help
children that their country has destined to be useless??? Money
meant for them are embezzled by government officials to feed the
privilege Few and u want to give them another opportunity to
survive We believe you, You have not crashed Your hands legs
and entire body is not trapped. We know the silent truth?? No need
to Extricate yourself You are only a victim of circumstance #You
are a priest forever and not a criminal If we talk or act we die If we
don’t we die Let’s talk and die Your are not a suspect to any crime
I stand to be supported or corrected One of the suspects, 28-year-
old Joy Esu, said she had approached the mother of the baby at
her shop and pretended that she wanted to learn tailoring and the
mother accepted. Two days after, Esu said she absconded with
the baby when the mother went to the market to buy some things.
She said she gave the baby to her boyfriend, Sidney Onwuka.
Onwuka was said to have sold the baby to one Maxwell Agu, who
claimed to be running a government registered orphanage at Orlu,
Imo State. Esu said she did not know if her boyfriend was using
charms to manipulate her, adding that he had never given her any
money despite stealing six children which he sold. She said, “He
(Sidney) always sent me to do anything and I would go without
hesitation. I even sold my daughter to him, but he didn’t give me
ordinary N5.” The boyfriend, Onwuka, said he had sold six babies
to the operator of the orphanage, including his own child, adding
that the operator paid him N200,000 , The priest became involved
in the matter when one Elizabeth, a member of the parish,
contacted him for help to adopt a male child. The cleric, during an
interview with journalists, said he contacted the operator of the
orphanage because he knew that he could help the desperate
woman. This may be the end of my life for trying to save the
innocent orphans.


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