Been stuck on the same level for a long time now? There are
principles that will help you gain a divine shift. God is a God of
principles. Read down
1. THE PRINCIPLE OF FAITH: many times all we need to access
the next level is the exercise of Faith and guess what? Faith is
proved in hard times not necessarily in good times. The worth of
your faith is in the type of test it has been subjected to. God wants
to see that you believe him for something great even in the midst
of small and even when all is not well.
2. Intimate Relationship with Christ: Jesus had to bring peter and
few other disciples to the mount of transfiguration. Note that this
was the most cherished secret of Jesus. He brought them there
because peter had an intimate relationship with him he didn’t bring
all the disciples there. If you must gain a divine elevation you must
get access into secrets of the kingdom and the only thing that
brings you there is a very intimate relationship with God.
3. Revelation: it is revelation that elevates you. God cannot bring
you to the next level until he has changed you. He will first
transform your mind with revelations and “the moment you start
seeing things the way God sees them you will start doing things
God can do
This principles will cause a shift in your life. Howbeit there are
contact points for God to bring you to the next level
1. Through your gifts: A mans gift will always make way for him
(prov 18:16). This is one contact point through which God elevates
2. Through trainings and developments: The 30men of David were
well trained men, they have received so much training from David
and thus did the incredible things they did. (2Samuel 23:13)
Opportunities will always come to a prepared man. Trainings are
contact points for elevation. Esther was trained by Mordecai before
gaining access to the palace. Go for knowledge through trainings,
mentorship and service.
3. Innovation and ideas: The innovation and ideas God implants in
your heart is key to accessing the next level don’t joke with them
no matter how small or stupid it may seem.
4. Encounter (Experience and Exposure): Encounters have a way of
shaping a man, it births in him valuable experiences that can help
him unlock new levels.
Divine elevation is God causing a shift in your life himself. And
guess what? He doesn’t do quick fixes, he is a deliberate and
strategic God. God answers to principles not feelings. Following
him is a science, you can almost predict what the outcome will be
when anyone follows him. Following him gets better when you
have an understanding of his principles. This few points if adhered
to will undoubtedly cause a shift in your life for Good.
Thank you for Reading.
This messages was an excerpt from Pst Franks message on
Sunday the 13th of May 2018 on the Topic “Divine Elevation
He is the lead pastor of Citybuilders Faith Christian centre in the
city of port Harcourt. (No.4 Onyia street opp. York ville resort

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