Proposing to a lady has nothing to do with love, make no mistake

Women, make no mistake in believing some men love you because
they propose, it is nothing or meaningless to majority who will
crush your heart. To them, proposing is a child’s play.
Men marry for various reasons, ridiculous reasons and once they
have a clear signal that the reasons are fast diminishing, the
will hit a strong wall. Men can be very heartbreaking in some
cases, I remember a case of a lady who dated her man for 6 years,
on one Friday night, the man went to her house to sleep over as
usual, he woke up the following morning which was a Saturday.
He kissed her forehead, made breakfast for her, helped her with
chores before she could wake up and made love to her that
morning before heading to church to marry another woman.
Friends to this lady called so many times to inform her that her
husband was getting married to someone else, how could she
believe such claims when the guy just left her
house that morning, would you have believed such if you were the
Few minutes later, her sister came to the house and dragged her to
the wedding ceremony and by the time she got there, she
collapsed the moment she saw what was going on and was
admitted for about 2 weeks, and since then it has never been the
same for her.
Women must learn to look before they leap, they need to think
outside the box in order to secure a better future for themselves,
so many men are out there trying to explore and test-use their
skills to know if they still got it. Some marry because of money,
standard, beauty, or
pressure. Not many of them are willing to marry because they
want to spend the rest of their lives with women, so many of them
don’t even know why they are getting married, probably because
they feel it is high time they get married, and who will be the
experiment? You of course!
I could spend the whole day talking about how careful you need to
be in order to avoid a distasteful marriage. Don’t allow pressure to
make decisions for you, make friendship your priority, it will assist
you in getting to know the true person you are dealing with and
clearly know his intentions, and that is if you are very observant.

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  1. Very nice one

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