Questions were raised as 30 islamic questions was set by jamb in the police recent recruitment exam

Are we running an Islamic state? Has Nigeria been converted to
Islamic state of Nigeria. In the just concluded police recruitment
Exam written on Friday 25th May , 2018 and conducted by the
Joint Admission & Matriculation Board on behalf of the police
authority, it was surprising to find over 30 of the about 180
questions to be purely Islamic / Arabic questions that are ordinarily
meant for persons of the Muslim/Islamic faith. This observation
wouldn’t have been much of a shock , if other questions had
encompasses that of other faiths.

The idea behind this
development is not at all understood in a country that is multi-
religious, especially at critical times like this. Is the inclusion of
Arabic / Islamic question & the exclusion of the Christian based
questions a move to favour northern Muslims to scale through the
exams as an advantage over others or just a show of dominance /
insult on persons of other faiths? It is high time the name and
constituent of Nigeria is well defined. What an injustice on
candidates of Christians and other faiths who are sure to fail
Arabic / Islamic questions. Is this an intentional move to compel
persons of other faiths into Islam?

Please, who is driving this Islamic agenda in this APC regime?
Such should show their faces and let this battle be properly fought.
We ask that concerns authorities and personalities look into this
issues and suspend the police recruitment exercise, until this
allegations are openly cleared & another general / classical
questions are set in a fairly conducted exam devoid of any
Religious imposition.


  1. Very nice

  2. Like honestly taht was what happened .
    Where is jamb head quarter I am going there right now ????

  3. Ok

  4. Good update.

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