Reason Nigerians should not vote buhari in 2019 election.

It has been a cry of hardship and economy decline since the assumption of office by president muhamadu buhari 4 years ago,and Nigerians are getting frustrated by the incumbent president due to numerous reasons,such as Fulani herdsmen killings,bombing and killings in the northern part of the country,and low security level affecting this country and the president have been mute over this killings for this past year,allow innocent soul to be lost without proper response to the cry of the people, some reason Nigerians should never vote for buhari 2019 which can as well be the benefit of the general public as well.

(1)low level of security in the arm force

(2)mass killings of innocent souls without proper response from the President

(3)economics hardship and instability since assumption of office in 2014.

(4)decline in educational sector.

(5)high prices of commodities

(6)low minimum wages

(7)makes the united nations rate Nigeria citizens as one of the poorest people in the world as from 2014 which is vice versa during goodluck Jonathan regime.

(8)increase in ritualism and killings among the youth due to economic hardship.

(9)maximum decrease in job opportunity among youths and fresh graduates.

(10)increase in corruption after several promises made to Nigerians that if elected in 2014 he will fight corruption and eradicate poverty among youths but now the reverse is the case.

(11)negligence in the health sector.


Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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  1. ok

  2. Vote for any candidate of your choice.

  3. Okay

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