Reasons why i decided to stay away from politics-Cosmas Udom

Recently, I have personally decided to stay away from politics and
not out of leadership, not because I don’t like politics or those who
are politicians but for personal reasons. Most importantly, I have
taken time to understudy the live of most Nigeria politicians and
there is one major thing that I enjoy most.

There is not Nigeria politician who has not worked before either in the private or public sector and by so doing politics is just to “pass time”.

Secondly, there is no Nigeria politician who did not attend the best school at his time and made the best grade before joining politics.

Thirdly, no Nigerian politician who did not become a leader first before becoming a politician. And the critical questions that come to my mind is that why then do politicians use the youths and dump
them? Should we live politics in the hands of the few?.

The answer there is bulk of the youths after being used as political
thugs and for election maneuvering are dumped because they
don’t posses the necessary skills for the “so called empowerment”
and then settle for peanuts in the name of empowerment,
secondly, politics should not be left in the hands of the few but
everyone should be an active participant especially in the area of
civil society organizations.

Finally, dear Nigeria youths there is no need carrying the bag of
“Obongowo” and waiting to be empowered if you’re not qualified,
use the time and go on a personal development in all ramifications
and better your life and tomorrow.

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