Reasons why relationships gets boring

Want to know one reason why most relationships become boring
after the first few months of meeting? It is because of one little
comfort zone called “see finish”.
That point where you get too comfortable with your partner that
you loose sight of their natural needs as a human being.
That point where you know them too well that you stop trying to
learn new things about them.
That point where you can choose not to be nice, and kind, and
humble, and respectful because you already know they’ll still love
you all the same.
It is awesome to get close with your partner to that level where
you can completely be yourselves around each other, talk freely,
act freely as best of friends. In fact, familiarity paves the way for
greater intimacy and love between two people, but do not become
too familiar with your man that you forget to acknowledge his
headship and accord him his respect as a shepherd over you.
Do not become too familiar with your woman that you ignore her
feminine side that craves for your attention, affections and care.
This is the point where familiarity breeds contempt; when the
respect and honour begins to wither.
Here are a few quick tips to help you deal with familiarity in your
* Always allow your partner finish before interrupting, especially
when the topic of discussion is an important one. Learn how to
switch characters, don’t do on a serious conversation what you do
on a playful one. I’m talking to both parties here, before speaking
learn to say “baby can I say something?” Or “Darling can you
please listen to my opinion when you’re done with yours? It shows
respect for your partner, even though the next minute you will start
jumping all over each other like two grown babies, but for that
moment let your partner know that you haven’t lost your respect
for them.
*Watch your words and phrases too. Most times the things we say
might come out harmful or funny to you, but your partner might
think on it later and find it offensive.
I have never for a day said ” morning” to my best friend Chocolate,
even as over familiar as we are. It has to be “Good morning love”, I
don’t let our familiarity get in the way of honouring her.
It is good morning, not morning.
It is thanks love, not tnk u.
It is OK baby, not kkk.
It is how are you doing, not hw u.
It is good night, not gnt.
It is I’m sorry, not m sowi.
Your words and phrases are so important guys, don’t let the
familiarity take away the natural respect you’re supposed to have
for each other.
We can laugh all day, talk all night, gossip other people as we like,
call each other funny stupid names and say our good nights, but in
the morning it will be wonderful to get a call or a text from you that
says something like ” Good morning my Queen” or “Good morning
my priest”. Don’t let familiarity rob you of the natural needs of your
Say ” thank you sir” as much as you say “thanks baby”.
Say ” you are welcome ma” as much as you say “you’re welcome
darling”. Use yes ma, yes sir as occasionally as you can in your
These are the simple things that drives our relationship.

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