Reasons why we cant find true love

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe The reason you can’t
find love, the reason you’re lonely, frustrated, why you don’t have
any friends and you haven’t found the right relationship is probably
not because everybody hates you but because you don’t know how
To love anyone. You cannot give what you don’t have. If you
cannot love yourself enough to treat your body with respect, to
carry yourself like a King/Queen and develop your person even
when you’re alone what makes you think you have anything
valuable to offer anyone?? Every other day you’re out there putting
drugs in your body. Sleeping around with whoever. Seeking for
validation from people/things. Doing despicable things for
peanuts. What makes you think you deserve a better person than
the person that you are?
When you go out to meet people whether it’s for the purpose of a
relationship, friendship or even a business related endeavour you
should honestly ask yourself. Am I a match for what I want to
attract?? Remember you are what you attract. The way people
treat you often times is a reflection of who they are. And
sometimes a reflection of who you are too. People are not stupid.
They watch you closely and then attach to you the amount of
respect that you put on yourself. That same person who treats you
like crap and takes you for granted is certainly worshipping the
ground another person walks on. You announce to people your
worth by your patterns of behaviour. Everything that you See in life
is reciprocal. First you give; then you receive. Kindness begets
kindness. Loyalty begets loyalty. And a self respecting individual
will attract respectful people.
Great things happen when you love yourself. You treat every part
of your person with great care and respect. Your skin will start
glowing. Your face will be more radiant. You will dress well. You
will feed your mind. You will develop your person. You will work
hard to secure your future. You will put God first. Nobody will tell
you nonsense. You will not entertain/condone stupid people. You
will not let people walk all over you. Then the universe will match
you with people who match your person. In the same vein, if you
do anyhow, you will see anyhow.

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  1. Because is better to any person

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