No matter how good a woman will be, she can never be good for a
man who is not ready to settle down, some ladies have lost their
dignity just because of a guy that just engaged to them.
Now listen until a man pays your bride price, my dear you are still
single, some engagement are like subscriptions for free browsing
,so don’t be carried away if you see a ring on your finger,who
knows if you are the latest lord of the rings
I love u baby but I will travel and come back hold this ring first,hell
nooo na them.
Baby am serious I am expecting some money in a business deal,I
will use it to marry u next year,hold this ring first, na them
I had kids with him,sister you are single,
I call his mum my able mother,you are super single
I cook for him,he loves my food,Nanny you are still single
be wise and use your brain
Some girls are the cause of their problem,because u are dating a
guy who gave u a ring,u don’t even know if he will marry u,u now
draw a tattoo on your breast Emy property,if he disappoint you
what next,anyway get ready to date his namesake because u will
explain tire,
Learn to hold on, some dangerous guys use the advantage of your
desperate need of husband and take advantage of you,they will
useless you,and put a ring in your hand,to scare away the serious
ones,is really painful,but don’t worry he has sisters,what goes
around comes around
Girls are like flower,if you think Hibiscus flower is the best,have u
seen Rose flower? If you know u can’t marry her,or teach her
anything good,Brother free her,let her pursue her brighter future
Don’t do because others did,because engagement is not only a
physical exercise is also spiritual,so that tomorrow don’t think your
village people is against your progress because that’s where we
lay our blames,
Take her as your own
Treat her fine
See her as your blood sister
Most importantly see her as ur wife to be,
If your drive your car rough,it will never last for you,then u will
start complaining that the car is not good,bro you are the cause, a
bad workman always quarrel with his tools,
Is better to be unborn than to be born and unthought,for
wickedness of men leads to doom
Why the desperation,the beautiful ones are on the way,kill that ergo
of desperation before it rush you into mystery
The only sure way to be happy is to wait on God,whatever is yours
and mean to u must locate you.
And you that tricked her,because you see the best option to give
her 360 is by putting a ring on her finger,God is soaking your cane
with olive oil.
They will come in different styles promising you many things,at
times just to get it,baby I will buy you money,imagine?
Hold on dear,it will surely end in praise,We came to the world
single, we will go back single
There are serious ones,just pray,because if you keep on studying
guys am sorry u can’t graduate.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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