Dear Booless, Whoever told you that keeping a relationship is not
important told you a lie straight from the pits of hell. A healthy
godly relationship is very important, oh yes it is. It is important to
be with someone who will grow through life with you. It is
important to build with someone who will understand your
weaknesses and appreciate your strengths. It is important to love
someone who will set goals with you and smash them. It is
important to have someone who God can trust with anything that
concerns you. But as important as it is to keep a relationship, it is
not compulsory. Nope, definitely not. I am a huge fan of godly
relationships and healthy marriages, but if you are still single and
reading through this text I want you to know that your values has
nothing to do with your relationship status, but everything to do
with a God who has made you whole, complete and lacking
nothing . . . . . all while you’re standing alone, single and proud.
You may see this stage of singleness as a bad thing, like if you’re
somewhere around your 20’s and you are still single it is thought
of as a curse or a setback. As a matter of fact there is probably no
other stage of life that is wished away faster than the stage of
singleness, you probably cannot wait for this to pass, your heart is
probably itching for that perfect relationship of your dreams, you
have envisioned your own proposal and even planned your bridal
shower in your head. I bet you already have a wedding colour in
mind for your bridesmaids. You just can’t wait right? Your friends
are all happily dating and you are the only one left, the odd one
out, Simbi the cursed child. It is tough for you right now I know,
especially with those longings, desires, hopes, and foolish
fantasies sprinting inside your mind; “I just want a man, someone
that can be there for me, listen to all my worries, buy me nice
gifts, take me out, and mushy mushy everywhere together.” “I just
want a woman who can come and take care of me like a nanny,
beautiful, respectful, submissive, hardworking, and a big buttocks
to complement her character.” But there you are, single, and
feeling like you are incomplete, like something is missing, like
you’re not normal, your confidence is low, you drag your esteem
when you’re around people, because you’re not in a relationship,
and in your heart you feel happiness is on the other side of dating.
No, happiness is right where you are, the reason why you’re not
feeling it is because you’re not creating it, and the reason why
you’re not creating happiness is because you’re waiting to find it
on the other side of dating. You’re feeling incomplete because
you’re waiting for someone to come and complete you. Oh no,
finding the missing piece does not imply that there is something
missing inside you, it only means that you’re looking out for
someone who will come and share in your happiness, not creating
happiness for you. I hope you caught this tight? You are perfect,
you are complete in every definition of the word. Love yourself,
invest this time to discover and make yourself a better person for
that someone who God will put in your life. Keeping a relationship
is not compulsory at all, don’t jump into one because of the
pressure, if you have stayed single and it hasn’t killed you yet,
don’t hurry now. Be patient and let God prepare you for someone
with His divine seal of approval.



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