Relationship is perfect but not all that perfect

My main protagonist and his girlfriend just met, spent
some time together and ended up in a bed. They did… their thing
and finally fell asleep, tired and happy, in each other’s arms.
I planned to squeeze it into one, maybe two not too long
paragraphs. I wasn’t going to make it more or less important to the
story. Just to check the “Yes, they did it” checkbox.
Well, to make this story short, my plans have their own plan.
Something I haven’t been planning for.
The scene quickly grew into a whole chapter of five pages where a
lot of things had happened. My hero and that girl somehow
managed to take a long swim in an ocean in a middle of a night.
They shared many of their personal memories. They argued. They
made up. They talked. They kissed. They made love on a lonely
beach under billions of stars. They argued again. They almost split
up. They made up again. They walked across the city that, unlike
the Big Apple, was sleeping soundly and quietly.
While crossing the city, they held their hands and shared their
plans for their future. They exposed a few of their personal
secrets, something they usually would keep hidden away from
anyone else, the author and readers of this story included. They
came home and made love once again. Then, they finally fell
asleep in each other’s arms, tired and happy, on a bed in a house
with one wall totally missing…
Why this house and all other houses in that city have one wall
missing is a huge spoiler, so I will leave it to my book to explain.
And the checkbox itself – a love-making scene, I mean – ended up
being small and quick, lucking any heat and details. It grew to be
just three sentences long. As ‘yes, they did it, let’s move on’.
And all of this happened not through any fault of my own. I had
nothing to do with it. Even more, I resisted. I tried to keep this
episode short and simple. They, my main hero and the girl he will
be risking his life for, are the only ones who made it happen. They
did it on their own. They insisted. They persisted. They broke free
and with the first words they have exchanged, the first touch they
have felt, with the very first kiss they shared they forgot all our
agreements, every instructions I told them and all of the promises
they have made to me.

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