Rev Fathers now taking over control of Anambra Politics:Rv Fr Bonaventure

I am a Catholic priest and that’s what I am called to be. It is always painful seeing clerics meddling and soiling their hands with politics of this contemporary society. I am one of those who seriously cautioned Rev.Fr. Mbaka about his intrusion in politic because I believe that a priest is called to be a unifier, a bridge builder, a confidant and a neutral entity. Unfortunately, what we were cautioning Rev.Fr. Mbaka for; domiciled in Anambra State.

Since my Ordination or even before it, I have been opportune to travel round the country and beyond, I will tell you authoritatively that the kind of Religious Politics being played in Anambra State cannot be seen or witness elsewhere. This Religious Politics in Anambra State started with the Emergence of Bishop Ezeokafor as the Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese.

I know I am risking a lot by writing this but I owe my conscience and the world the truth. So relax and take this ride with me. Let me not bore you with stories from Peter Obi’s tenure, you already know that it all started during his time as Governor of Anambra state. APGA a political party formed to promote the interest and opinions of Ndigbo is no longer what it was created to be. Today, its no longer All Progressive Grand Alliance because the church has hijacked it. Its no longer for all progressive minded people rather its now a religious party. It’s no longer a news that the leadership of APGA are mainly Catholics, Nominated or approved by the Bishop. The recent appointment by the State Governor proudly supervised by the Bishop made sure that 99% of the principal officers and appointee are from the Catholic Church.

Yes, About 10 Rev. Fathers Are Senior Special Assistants to the governor while Over 50 Rev. Fathers are Special Assistants to the governor. In the Same hand about 5(five) Rev. Sisters are Senior Special Assistants to the Governor while Over 30 Rev. Sisters are
Special Assistants to the Governor. The Documents are there and available for all to see. In fairness and equity, Are we not taking
Much? We might be high and much in population but it shouldn’t be use as a tool to suppress and Oppress others. Many towns and communities are having internal crisis today all because of our penchant for domination. Yes, we won’t allow a non Catholic to be the President General or Igwe of our community even when our people are not getting it right. I don’t need to mention some communities where my fellow
priests with the help of our dear Bishop are holding to ransom just because we always want our member to be in charge. The recently concluded gimmick called Apga primary election saw majority of the candidates who are non Catholics and we’re seen as a great threat to the emergency of our Member either disqualified or schemed out of the race with 98% of the acclaimed winners being Catholics. All thanks to our Dear Bishop! The Anambra State govt decided to hand over schools back to the Church, this was welcomed and applauded by every sector.

While implementing this policy, our church got 101% of our schools returned even some schools that had nothing to do with us were handed over to us (I won’t hesitate to mention names when it’s time for it) while many schools that belonged to the protestants where not returned to then instead some of them where given to the Catholic Church. Yes, we always refer to Mbadinuju’s tenure as the Anglican Church tenure(Though Mbadinuju was more a Pentecostal than Anglican
as can be seen in his book) forgetting that majority of those who made Mbadinuju to fail are all Catholics! Yes, I know it will be painful not having our own person at the helm of affairs in Anambra state because it will bring an end to the subventions and the monthly stipends we are getting from the government but yet I am for equity and is ready to sacrifice something to enthrone equity!.

Yes we agreed not to allow a non Catholic to become the governor of Anambra State, that is the reason we denied Chike Obidigbo ticket even when everyone knew he won but we are the same people complaining of marginalization by the Hausa/Fulani Dynasty.
Today, 6th of November 2018, Our Bishop (Ezeokafor) Summoned all the priests in awka diocese on emergency meeting. Yes we discussed about the agitation by the Anglican Church and decided on what to do. We also asked the Bishop to get in touch with Obiano for immediate reactions but unfortunately instead of trying to resolve the issue raised by the Anglican priests we ended up complicating things. Soon the government will issue statement which will be published and announce on radio stations with Anambra broadcasting service leading the show, whereas the same government instructed papers and radio houses not to carry or publish the protest by the Anglican priests or their demands.

I want to conclude this massage by advising fellow Catholic Priests to Shun this trend and seed that our dear Bishop is trying to plant in us and our communities.

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