Rivers State is paralyzed by ill governance

The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the
same level of thinking we were when we created them.” – Albert
Our dear Rivers State is at present lying-in-state! It is comatose
and paralyzed by such an ill-governance that is deeply
characterized by maladministration, leadership negligence,
corruption, face value projects with bogus estimates and phony
Yes! Regrettably, that is the state of our dear Rivers State.
The predominance of selfish pursuits and scrambles for our
commonwealth, raises questions on how far we have degenerated.
We are clearly on the wrong path; and the system ambitiously
yearns for a turnaround. That’s why we insist on urgent
interventions and deliberate actions aimed at reversing our fortune
for good and setting our sorry state back on the right track. We
must rise up and reflect in our actions the vision of our founding
fathers as exemplified by Chief Alfred Diete spiff and Chief Rotimi
Chibuike Amaechi in their leadership style and developmental
The mistake of 2015 hunts us like the Ebola plague, and in order to
correct this grave mistake, we must present as a gift to ourselves,
a man who is conscious of the enormity of the challenges we are
facing; a man who is aware of the responsibility attached to the
office he seeks and is determined to chart a greater course. We
need a man that is very desirous of leaving a great legacy that will
survive the sands of time.
We need the man Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs! He is the remedy. He
understands all our troubles, and he is determined to tackle them
DLB is that man who can in real-time, consolidate on the strides
and remarkable achievements of our leader, the Rt. Hon. Chibuike
Rotimi Amaechi, former Governor of Rivers State whose landmark
feats have been unsurpassable.
DLB is the man who truly promotes and propagates a pan-Rivers
agenda with an all-inclusive governance system that will positively
affect every nook and cranny of the State. We can testify that his
vision includes hyper technological innovations, life transforming
programmes and massive infrastructural development schemes.
DLB is a man that promises an integrated educational development
system that reflects skills acquisition, specialized training in
science and technology, entrepreneurship and relevant
programmes that will generate the required manpower for a
substantial socioeconomic development in the State.
There is a great need in Rivers State! DLB understands this need.
He is the seed that will bear the fruit of the much-talked-about
sustainable development in Rivers State.

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