In 2014, Joy Oyaghiri Fagbemi’s cousin Mr Vincent Jemina who was on his way to governor Wike’s rally was knocked down by Wike’s convoy.
The accident was so fatal that he was buried without some part of his body. And Wike did not call off the rally but went ahead with the program unlike Tonye Cole with human sympathy. Again my family friend Mr Austin George, elder brother to Power George owner of the biggest boutique in Abua central was on his way to Abua for PDP governorship campaign on the day Wike was coming to Abua in 2015, very close to Odiabidi a police hilux knocked him down which led to the instant death of two police officers but God saved him.

However he was arrested, molested by the police, his car destroyed up till this very moment. This guy was a die hard PDP member but to his surprised non of the members not to talk of the leaders visited, call nor assisted him during and after the incident till this very moment. Why I’m I bringing these stories? It was because Tonye Cole’s convoy accidentally hit and killed two women near Egbolom, during a supposed ward sensitization rally for ward 8. Which he immediately called off the program to enable him and the entire APC faithfuls to mourn the dead.

But some PDP miscreants see this opportunity to misinform the public that Tonye Cole killed two women in Abua. I pity them because they think they are scoring cheap political points for those who send them but didn’t know that posterity will judge them one day. Let us not destroy our dear LGA because of politics, political parties will come and go but Abua/Odual will remain. Let us remember that as the flower flourishes, heavens lead to a gloriousnation is ours to cherish.

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