Romantic tips on how to be romantic

You know those sweet little words you used to hear before walking
the aisle and a little after the knot was tied? You remember how
those little touches used to feel, but now is hardly present? What
about those sweet names and the way they used to sound, and
now has become monotone lacking romance?
How did all these little things fizzle out of our relationships?
Basically because we focus on the things that our partner isn’t
doing right. We nag them on the negatives and never beam the
spotlight on what they are smashingly good at—especially those
little unique beauties they have and in the little ways they have
been there for us.
You see, the demands of life puts pressure on these little but
major source of fulfillment in our relationships. We need to
understand that as much as we must love by choice, we must
strive on a daily basis to recreate those butterfly feelings because
in the end, believe it or not, we all want those good old days back
in our relationships.
The truth is, what we focus on will definitely multiply and what we
focus on will continually be our experience. So if you are always
trying to change your partner by focusing on the negatives, you
will multiply just that and guess who will be the beneficiary? You!
And that’s not what we want.
So what do we do? How do we take our romance up a notch?
We must change strategy and focus on the things that our partner
is doing right. Sit down and take stock of all those things they used
to do and say that made you feel loved, admired and cherished.
Tell them you love receiving those thoughtful SMS and beautiful
flowers, where and how they touch you, those little naughty
whispers, those warm bear hugs, the kind and knowing smile they
give you…
Tell them to bring back those songs that made you feel like a baby
sung to sleep. Tell them how you loved his carrying and backing
you, how he used to sit, listen and gist while you made dinner, how
he used to hold your hands and stared into your eyes, oh how it
made you feel. Tell him how much you loved those special
Sundays when he took over the kitchen and made you two lunch.
And so much more…
When you tell them these things, you are not only encouraging
them, you are not only affirming them, but you are giving them a
reputation to live up to. And as you focus more on their good side,
you will slowly and steadily recreate those feelings, and sometimes
it’s good to take the initiative—play with them, “look for their
trouble” after all they are now yours.
The beauty of life is not so much in the big things but in the small
things especially as it relates to relationships.
Want to know when to start? Now, of course! Send them a
thoughtful SMS, thank them for one good thing they did or said to
you this week or yesterday. Let them know you miss them, after
all it’s Friday.

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