Rule of law in Nigeria subject to national interest is a scam

I just wonder who normally write up the speeches and lectures of
our number one citizen. Maybe different people write at different
times and on different subjects without comparing notes and
without making reference to previous opinions already aired. This
is not an excusable offence anyway.
Mr President, at the 58th NBA conference read out what I can say,
an embarrassment, that the rule of law in Nigeria will be subject to
National interest/security! I do not want to think that the writer
does not have adequate information about the meaning of the rule
of law. I am sure someone is deliberately weaving something to
cover a mess and to further entrench executive callousness under
the code name of national interest.
Maybe someone else will help in this lecture, but I am too
unsatisfied to just nod off my disapproval. I do not know how
somebody can successfully divorce rule of law from national
interest… This is what I need lectures on. The rule of law is never
a dumb, blind and lifeless document. It takes into cognisance of
every citizen and aspect of society. The rule of law is never local.
It has a universal standard and outlook. This is what gives life and
flesh to any so-called national interest, ensuring that nobody’s
assumptions, one day, rise above the acceptable standard.
The glorious national interest is never something personal nor
political. It is what gives a nation its outlook. The national interest
automatically becomes the bedrock of the rule of law. Therefore, it
is difficult to separate these two concepts. At any rate, the writer
and the reader need to come up with a clarification on this new
path being made for us as a nation. But this (clarification) should
be done in relation to the last lecture delivered to the joint sessions
of ECOWAS and ECCAS where the same reader called on the
leaders of these states to uphold the rule of law. Pardon me for
not being a lawyer. But I’m sure that geography does not have a
negative impact on legal concepts. What was preached to the
audience in the Togolese capital should not be only useful for that
event and loses relevance in another soil.
What is clear in all these different appearances is that, an attempt
is being made to lift an individual or his words, actions and
inactions above the law or to become the law. Of course, this
traceable to several illegalities displayed by the executive. If only
you recall the many court orders that have been disregarded and
the eagerness to declare IPOB a terrorist organization, you will
appreciate that the game has been on from the inception of this
administration. That was national interest! . At the
other end of the spectrum, national interest made it unimportant
for the must dreaded terror group to be declared a terrorist group
but protected by government and given a special name
“herdsmen”. This is national interest indeed!
My questions are:
1) What is rule of law to the current administration?
2) What is national interest?
3) Who decides what should be regarded as national interest?

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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