Rules of etiquette you need to live by


There’s a distinction between table manners which we’ve all yodeled into our subconscious right from childhood. We all know all about “not talking while eating” and being at our best behavior at the dining table, however, dining etiquette is a way deeper than our everyday table manners.
Dress to suit the occasion
Be mindful of your wardrobe if you’re eating out with your work colleagues, clients, friends, and even casual acquaintances. You don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed. So the general rule of thumb to follow is to dress accordingly.
Table behavior
Firstly, your phone shouldn’t be anywhere in sight so your host doesn’t feel less important. If you’re out on a business lunch or dinner, patiently wait until your host is all settled down for the meal before folding your napkin on your laps and digging into your food.
Know how to get your waiter’s attention
While at the restaurant, whether it is a fancy one or not, you shouldn’t call out to your waiter to make an order. Rather you should make eye contact with him or her or raise your hand in their direction.
Order the same number of courses
Before your server comes to take your order, agree with your companion(s) in regards to taking appetizers or not. This is essential so you all can finish your meal conveniently at the same time.
Don’t monopolize a table
You shouldn’t overstay your welcome at the restaurant, after settling the bill you can stay for 10-15 minutes to unwind but after that, you need to vacate your table for other customers.

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