Saraki is a chameleon-Adams Oshiomole

Saraki chose to remain within the APC and do maximum damage
within the APC. Meanwhile, he had moved everybody around him
to PDP to be negotiating a comfortable landing. When we saw that,
we had to smoke him out by looking at the fact that no proper
convention or congresses were held in Kwara State. He (Saraki)
just compiled names between himself and his governor and they
just produced them in Abuja and they were just overseers for him.
So, having looked at a petition on that which we already had, we
just decided to dissolve all the executives. And he (Saraki) was
never used to that before. He had never been used to democratic
process of producing leaders. He had always had to appoint them
– whether governors, speakers, whoever, not to talk of party
leaders. So, we dissolved the party structure under his control and
in the process, stripped him naked. And then, we followed with a
query, identifying all of the anti-party activities he has been
involved in which portrays him as someone who put himself before
national interest or someone who put himself before party interest
or someone who has conducted himself in a way that is offensive
to the core values of the APC.
And once that was leaked to him, he knew the game was over.
Remember, the rabbit does not jump out of the hole in the
afternoon, unless you smoke it, so he ported. And now he wanted
to perfect his exit, he hasn’t quite perfected it yet, so, now he has
to negotiate from outside, rather than negotiate from within. And I
am glad that we have enough time now to rebuild our party in
Kwara State and move on to contest the next election.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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