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On a very hot afternoon, the sun was almost roasting my skin out
of my body. It was 2pm, I was going to my house from the market.
I waited patiently for bus to take me home, while I was waiting, i
saw a young man between the age of 30-35years, properly dressed
in white shirt stocked into his black plain trouser with a brown belt
and brown shoe to complete his systematic arrangement, and i
guess he was also waiting for bus, a lot of people were at that spot
too. Soon enough, a long motorbus arrived and people starting
moving into the motorbus, but then I was walking gently to the bus,
admiring the color combination of this young man’s dressing also
considering how dusty, dirty and scattered the environment was,
with hoodlum (agboro) hanging here and there waiting for buses to
come so they will load the bus and collect their normal 50naira.
Then all of a sudden, a lady shouted, olé olé, thief, thief, catch am,
he steal my money, see am, na thief, you steal my money and you
wan enter bus run, before you know it heavy slap from no where
landed on his face. What did I do? He asked politely, you be thief
the lady replied. Then those hoodlums picked wands of different
sizes and started hitting him not minding his appearance. Tears
was almost rolling down my eyes considering how dirty Dis guys
hitting him and clean and orderly he was dressed. Bernard could
not possibly be a thief judging him by appearance and look.
Shey na u dy thief ppl property for Dis market?? Today you go see,
someone shouted approaching him with Barton. His white was
gradually changing color combination with stains of blood from his
flesh and before he could understand what is happening, he was
already lying helplessly on that dirty ground, and gradually his
shirts was flying out from his trouser and cutting down patch by
He stole my money, olé, olé, thief, give me my money, she was still
lamenting. How much hin still from you madam?? One of the
hoodlum asked. My five thousand, this man na thief. Then they
searched him and found five thousand naira and small small
change, 100naira, 200naira and 50naira,. You see am?? This man
na barrawo. The woman shouted. I can explain, please wait let me
explain, Bernard pleaded exhaustingly, but the beating only
increased because five thousand naira was found in his wallet,
they were hitting him so hard that his flesh came out with the
sticks as he was gradually going naked. Arrrrh, arrrrh, let me
explain, I did not steal her money, Bernard continue to lament as
gradually his voice reduced. Arrrrh, arrrh, arrrrh he could nearly
say a word when they hit him stone and sticks.
Chaii chaii, see fine boy, see how em dress like banker, dy steal.
Na wetin fit am, said one woman as she watch from a distance. I
get fuel, me I get tyre, if you leave am, him go steal again. Then
Bernard was almost naked because, they condemned his cloth on
his body and then he was exhausted, I couldn’t help but watch
from one end of the road with heavy tears rolling down my eyes.
Then I saw dirty people that could not afford 3² meal a day
contributing 300niara per litre fuel and tyre. The tyre was placed on
his head and body, they poured the fuel on him and then one
matchstick was enough to end his life in pain. Arrrrrrrrrrh, Bernard
shouted in great pain as he struggled to get up but was exhausted.
Those hoodlums turned away one after another as the heat from
the fire on Bernard’s body was getting high. Bernard was gradually
turning into black smoke and people that watched from distance all
went sorrowfully away, Bernard died slowly but painfully.
It was 9:00pm that day, Bernard’s wife( newly married with her
3months old baby boy) called her elder sis. Hello Ada, did you say
Bernard came to shop today?? Yes, and I gave him five thousand
to give to you, is he not back??? Oh my God, he’s not back. Where
has he gone to?? My husband is not like that, he he had never
returned this late before. Bernard’s wife replied with her baby in
her hand. He will be back there, maybe he branched to see a
This is my story and it’s all fiction. It happens everyday in our
country Nigeria.

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