School life


I was so bittered and angered after hearing Officer ken evil plot
towards Rukky.
Although there are two things involved, its either they successfully
take the hard drug (cocaine) to Dubai or been caught in the airport.
The latter is what I don’t want, because Rukky was the one
carrying the drug (cocaine) unknowingly, and if there should be
any mistake, Officer Ken will deny her.
The whole thing kept my brain loaded with some impossible
taught, and my heart pounding heavily just like a pestle hitting
pounded yam on a mortal.
I was in my room thinking for hours, but no possible solution could
evolved off my skull. I became dizzy as a result of my
hypothalamus being over stressed.
Upon the fact that I had slight headache, I still did not gave up.
The day had already gone, as I checked my wrist watch which was
telling 8:59PM.
After this night I got only tomorrow Friday to save the situation, I
told myself convincingly.
Just to nullify the concept which says ‘An idle mind is the devils
workshop’ I decided to get myself active more again. So active that
the highest element on the chemical activity series, can’t be
compare with my reactiveness…
I stood up from my laying position, reach for my phone and dialled
Rukky’s number once more.
After more than 6 times of dialling it, the network server still kept
on telling me “The number you are trying to call is not available at
the moment please try again later”, What an annoying speech from
a sweet feminine voice. At this moment i felt like smashing my
Imagine how silly I am, Just because I must save Rukky from the
mess Officer Ken is about putting her, I kept on trying again later
(Just as instructed by the automated voice) as if it will connect,
but behold it never connected. Same statement was what I kept on
hearing as soon as I clicked on the green button.
After about 30mins of scrutinized thinking, I decided to send a well
composed message to the number and hope she received it.
— — —
Its 11:15PM, yet I couldn’t close my eyes.
I left my room and went to the sitting room where my mum was
watching a particular comedy movie she don’t get tired of
She was busy laughing at the top of her voice, especially when
Okon and Ukwa were doing what they knows how to do best.
But still, nothing seems funny to me apart from the present state I
My mums laughter became something else and unbearable, it was
just as if she was laughing at me for not looking for a possible
way out.
I angrily reach for the exit door with the intention of going outside,
to see if the moon and the stars will help me out;
MUM: Eli, where are you going to, at this ungodly hour?
ME: I am going out to ease myself, and receive fresh air
MUM: My son I don’t want to hear stories like ‘my yam nor done’
or ‘assuming I know’. Please go to your room and receive fresh air,
if the ceiling fan is not producing a fairer air that will satisfy you
then put on the AC (Air Condition)
ME: Mummy, you know I am not a baby na! Nothing will happen to
MUM: I know you are not a baby, but I am a baby that is why I’m
begging you not to go out. Please eh, Its almost 11:30 and those
hoodlum’s will soon start moving in the dark seeking for clients to
ME: Okay ma
MUM: Thank you, and make sure you lock the door well oo
Not being satisfied, I locked the door angrily and went back to my
My mum was just staring at me knowing fully well that I am
Reaching my room, I quickly remembered that Jerry was in the
same department with Rukky, and stays in the same hostel with
her. Definitely, Jerry must know one or two friends that she was
closed to, and must have informed about her wedding.
I dialled Jerry’s number as fast as I could.
After about three attempts, he picked up with his voice telling how
far he must have gone with his sleep.


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