Secrets of Atiku and why you should not vote for him-Churchill

You are a symbol of the past failures and the politically corrupt in
Nigeria. With all due respect, therefore, I, on behalf of millions of
Nigerians want to remind you that you should shut up when we are
discussing anti-corruption challenges and the way forward.
I laughed cynically when I heard you brag that you would “shock
everyone because you will fight corruption …if given the
opportunity to preside over the affairs of the country.” You
challenged Nigerians to either “come forward with a single shred of
evidence of [your] misconduct while in office or keep quiet.” Crude
arrogance! You subsequently bragged that your stupendous wealth
was a result of your “resourcefulness and successful

What a lie! To use your own words, that display of arrogance was
“morally offensive” to millions of Nigerians. Please, sir, accept my
apologies, but the issue is not about your “entrepreneurial spirit”
*but whether you can corroborate the SOURCE of your investments
and wealth.* Sir, you are not more resourceful than millions of
Nigerians, and thousands of investors with hard-earned and
traceable sources of wealth. So, sir, take your sermon of rooting
out corruption in Nigeria to the sedimentary rocks in the valley of
Adamawa Highlands. Tell us what happened to the N7.5 B failed
Chochi Dam project which you brought the contractor and
supervised the project. What happened to the Jada Federal
Government communication project awarded by Obasanjo under ur
supervision which N4.5 Billion went into a failed project. Tell
Nigerians how u took a loan from Bank PHB in 1998 of N300M to
run for Governorship of Adamawa, when you were controversially
declared the winner and after becoming the VP the bank cancelled
the loan. We have documented evidence of this loan, when you
took this loan Bamanga Tukur was one of the richest people in the
North East with two shipping vessels on the high seas, but just
after 8 years as VP you not only became the richest in Adamawa
and one of the richest in Nigeria but you built 158 mansions in the
country and 42 mosques in Christian dominated areas of
Adamawa State the citing and construction of some of these
mosques created several crisis killing thousands of people and
dethroning a First Class king.
As a show of good faith, sir, can you please explain to Nigerians
how you, a retired Customs officer and VP, got the millions of
Dollars, without a bank loan, you paid to the American University in
Washington DC for a direct license to use the franchise of the
university? We know that your estimated $25 million worth of
University (ABTI American University) in Yola was not just because
you were resourceful. Siemens of Germany wired $1.7 million of
bribe money of Nigerian Govt officials to the account of one of ur
wives in the US, Jennifer. The same Jennifer and University of
America told US investigators that all wire transfers of over $40
million dat both of them received from offshore companies that
they did not know came from Atiku Abubakar at a time you were
Nigeria’s Vice President.
What is the source of the inexplicable reason for your increased
wealth after 8 years as VP? Accept my apologies sir, but can you
explain to Nigerians the source of hundreds of multi-million Naira
mansions, mostly built on what Nigerians believe to be proceeds of
corruption? What of the $125m you diverted from the Petroleum
Trust Development Fund (PTDF)? Can you please, sir; explain to
Nigerians how you managed to command controlling shares in
Bank PHB, controlling shares in Intel, and oil services companies
operating in many African countries?
If you are as smart and intelligent as you want Nigerians to
believe, then it will not be difficult to break down the source of your
wealth. Believe me, there are millions of Nigerians out there that
are more resourceful than you that will be turned into billionaires
overnight if only you can show us your magic wand. So, without
explaining the source of your wealth, it is an insult to ask us to
provide evidence that you are chronically corrupt. The burden of
proof is on you, sir.
How can Nigeria move forward, when we are hamstrung by
symbols of past failures, like you Atiku? Let me remind those still
living in the graveyards of yesteryears of what you represent, sir.
Your mere presence in Nigerian politics reminds us of the era of
fire-breathing monsters that plundered the national wealth. Sir,
your administration with Obasanjo represents a government of the
ugly looters and predators. Under you, and Obasanjo, corruption
was so sweet and so exquisite that the political class fell over
themselves to worship the mini gods in Aso Rock.
Accept my apologies, sir, but Nigerians have not forgotten that
under you and Obasanjo, our yesteryears were locust-infested.
When you and Obasanjo pretended to be fighting corruption while
in office from 1999 to 2007, we had wretched criminals that grew
the size of their stomachs and pockets from “Turn Around
Maintenance” of our refineries and under-selling of government
entities to cronies. Under you and Obasanjo, we had ministers and
thieves that were busy acquiring properties worth billions while our
infrastructures decayed.
Sir, you are a woodpecker that feeds on the pantry of the poor, but
found a way to avoid having boils in your mouth. The same mouth
you are now using to insult us and bragging about how clean you
are in amassing wealth in the midst of poverty in your backyard.
Atiku, sir, your ambition, therefore, deserves to be killed now. It is
time for you to retire from public life, disappear from Twitter,
political screens, and sight somewhere far away. Sir, when you
drive around the hills and valleys of Adamawa Highland, are you
not worried and ashamed about the difference between your
fortunes and that of the poor masses you claim to represent?
Nigerians believe that corruption is a bigger threat than insecurity
in your backyard in Northeastern Nigeria. Fighting corruption in
good faith will heal the wounds of millions of Nigerians adversely
affected over many decades. Unfortunately, sir, until you explain to
us how you amassed your wealth, you are not the right man to
lead Nigeria.
The stories surrounding the cancellation, the legality or illegality of
the contract between Intels and its subsidiaries with Nigerian Port
Authority (NPA) is an indication that your greed is finally catching
up with you. For me, that deal is like the rest of the dubious
investments you are now flaunting, all of which is a textbook
example of how crooked bureaucrats like you amass wealth
through cronyism and graft.
So, accept my apologies. You, like your co-traveller the Senate
President, Bukola Saraki, represent the dangerously corrupt
political elites in Nigeria. As you make an attempt at the Nigerian
Presidency for the umpteenth time, know it that your reckless
shame has expired. The period from 1999 to 2017 is gone, even
though the mess you and Obasanjo left behind is still hunting
Sir, I love you, but, until we begin to challenge serving and former
civil servants and public office holders like you that cannot explain
how they acquired so much wealth, we cannot really claim to be
fighting corruption. Shed some light on the source of every Kobo of
your shadowed investments and businesses and shame the people
you refer to as “political enemies”.
While I wait for your explanation, know it that I will be the first to
raise my hand and campaign for you if you will satisfactorily
demonstrate the source of your wealth the way you explain to a 3-
year old that 1 + 1 = 2. I say this with as a much respect as I can
muster, hoping that you will disgrace me with verifiable proof.
Until you do that, sir, you should shut up and bow your head in
shame, if there is still any left in you, when Nigerians are talking
about the serious business of fighting corruption.

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  1. God bless this writer…enough of this insult,the loot our money,come bragging into our faces and we still celebrate them.the ignorant and tribalist be atikulating about

  2. Are u a saint

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