See Classes Of Folks That Wont Pass JAMB This Year

1. The one aims crew : the kind of those who belongs to this class are secondary college leavers who simply received out of secondary college, since they’ve been made to consider via college exams, waec and neco that questions that has principle are at all times arduous, and goal questions are at all times easy, they apply this speculation to jamb, pondering it could be as simple as pie as a result of it is just aims,so due to this fact those that dont have mentors and advisers or those that refused to take heed to corrections gained’t learn or go to lesson however they are going to be shocked when they’re confronted with the arduous advanced questions after which they’d know, that there are some goal questions that would make you want for ten principle questions.

2. The expo (cheat) masters: these are those who seems for cheats as an alternative of utilizing their restricted time to learn, they flick through completely different web sites to attain their purpose, they thought jamb is as penetrable and weak as different examinational our bodies, Admins of those false web sites is aware of this they usually play on their intelligence by telling them they’ve the solutions to the jamb questions and could be launched for a specified quantity, but it surely seems that the solutions they’d ship are falsified and candidates who depend on this might fail drastically, when jamb was been written in paper and pencil kind (ppt) a few of these expos work however now that it’s in Pc based mostly check solely (CBT), it’s virtually unattainable to search out right cheats.

3. The Unserious ones : these are those who will neither learn nor go to lesson..they’re at all times busy at any time when it involves studying…busy doing nothing…they don’t study from their previous an alternative of sitting proper and being targeted after they attend classes, they assume the position of fashionistas gallivanting round, participating in unwholesome actions , wooing the alternative intercourse and so forth
Humorous sufficient some would say they’re fixing previous questions however as an alternative of utilizing their mind and data to get the solutions, they test the again for solutions and can assume they’re fooling the academics, however not directly they’re “doing” themselves and the truth of their actions would daybreak on them through the examination.

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4. The followers: these ones can’t determine by themselves, they select their topics mixtures and course as a result of their buddies selected the identical, not minding their weakest and strongest topics, it’s when they’re writing the examination that they may discover out that they’re on their very own.

5.The late comers ; these are the individuals that may come late on the D-day of the examination,let’s imagine the examination is scheduled to begin by 10:00am, these ones would come by 11:30 or later than that, primarily as a result of they didn’t know their facilities,or another causes finest recognized to them, they may not be allowed to take part in some facilities however in another facilities the supervisors is likely to be variety and permit
them to do the examination, however many candidates in that state of affairs could be flustered and their minds in disarray that they could nonetheless be combating the primary topic when the pc shuts down on account of time up.

6. The ITKs ( I too is aware of) ; the individuals on this class might need learn, did the suitable issues, however their solely drawback is, they don’t comply with easy directions, they rush to be the primary to complete , in order that they might boast about it, they don’t learn questions twice, they might misplace synonyms for antonyms or demand for provide and so forth.

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