See Desperate Young Man Hiding Inside Foam To Cross Border

To come from a poor African country where survival is a daily battle, the wealth of the nation is shared among the few rulling class and their families and associates, often push many African youths to the level of desperation where they are willing to do just anything.

Spanish civil guard on Sunday discovered African migrants inside two mattresses at the Melilla territory.

In a clio shared by Facebook user, Mohamed Hichonu, the security operatives could be seen lifting the mattresses off the roof of a car and one of them slicing it open with a knife.

His action revealed a young man, rising up from the space within the mattress, which had been carved out.

This young man has been desperate to leave his country for a long period of time but all his efforts are worthless. The case has been taken to the Spanish court for proper investigation and What is going to be the hope of this young man

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  1. Wonders they say will never end

  2. Too bad

  3. Bfbf the guy want to travel abroad.

  4. Wonder never end

  5. It sound funny

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