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And we buried her on a Sunday afternoon.
This woman, she was like an aunt.
She died because society failed her.
It began years ago, as a spinster entrepreneur, with stash of money stored away in bank accounts, money she didn’t need, she was in surplus.
Although she succeeded in business and in life, society told her she was a failure for not being ‘under a man’. Society told her “You are only a woman if a man ‘makes’ you one.”
The pressure was too much and since Mr Right was taking too long to come, she settled. She settled for Mr Almost Right a.k.a Mr Luke Warm, and since Mr Almost Right has a bad track record, a church didn’t wed them, a courthouse did.
Simple ceremony, over in a few hours.
I remember mum asked her why? And she said “Just to be a Mrs.” I was young but I knew she had her life right where it should be as a spinster. Mum wished her well and we all hoped it was for the best.
She was doing okay on her own, until society made her believe otherwise.
And so, a few years into her marriage with Mr Idiot, society started to ask when a ‘patter of tiny feet’ will be welcomed. So she listened to society again and soon enough, she had a baby boy. Never minding that Mr Idiot cannot even provide for his wife, her account was in deficit as he loaned money from her he never returned. Not minding that Mr Idiot cannot afford to take care of this new baby, society frowned at the 3yr gap between baby 1 and another. So she birthed another boy for ‘society’.
The weight of 2 babies was too much to carry as Mr idiot only became worst by the day, all the weight was hers to carry.
Mr Idiot took all that was hers and shared amongst his concubines. Too many times, he was caught pants down with another woman but society said it was her job to ‘forgive’. Too many times, he redesigned her face and drew maps all over her body but society said it was her job to ‘pray him into changing.’
She was to stay in a marriage where love, care and provision were words alien to her ‘horseband’.
She stayed too long, she harboured rubbish, tolerated nonsense and endured hypocrisy, then she had enough.
“To hell with society” she thought to herself, she threw in the towel and left with her 2 boys.
……but it was a tad bit late…….if only she left sooner!
For test results prove that Mr Idiot has finally found what it was he was looking for between the legs of those concubines of his. He got sicker and sicker and then got well.
Unfortunately, she got sick too, and got sicker and the test results confirmed it.
Society has failed this promising beautiful young girl. Society pushed her to this.
And so on that evening, her tall slender body, fair complexioned skin, jet black hair so dark it made darkness look bright, hair so long it laid lazily on her back beyond her bra strap to her mid back. On that evening, her beautiful body could no longer bear the pain, she could no longer hold unto life for her 2 little princes, she let go.
Society was at her funeral, and society made little demeaning remarks and society shook its head and left.
I walked past one of his concubine at the funeral, she also came to pay her last respect or did she?
In a little room, I watched teary eyed as her 2 princes stood there, not entirely sure they understand what is going on ~ 11 and 8yrs old.
I watched as society bid farewell and went away, leaving behind this two boys and their Mr Idiot of a father, shutting its back against these kids, the ones whose mother society failed and didn’t have the decency to hang around and see the damaged it has caused.
I wiped a tear and shook my head.
Whatever happens to these little kings, society does not care……onto its next successful spinster victim.
God save us from society.

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