Senator Ben Bruce officially resigns from Bayelsa senatorial race

Senator Ben bruce in his statement noted “I thank God and the good people of Brass, Bayelsa East Senatorial
District who offered me the golden opportunity four years ago to
represent them and the state in the Senate, Nigeria’s highest
lawmaking chamber.
It is without doubt that I have tried to discharge my duties as a
legislator and representative of my people creditably to the best of
my ability so far.
My voice has been very loud on the issues that matter to our
people and our country at all time.
My support to our party, my people and state government is
unquestionable. I am humbled that the national leadership of my
party supported by the State chapter in appreciation of my efforts
offered to support my reelection to the senate to continue my
I have also intensified consultations in the last couple of week in
the course of which I have come to realize an existing local
rotational arrangement of over 20 years beginning with the late
Great Chief Melford Okilo, by which arrangement the Senatorial
seat rotates per local government area among the three councils
for four years in the Senatorial District.
Even with the support of my party at the National and state levels
with the full backing of my state government and leadership, as a
man of honour interested in the well being of my people, I hereby
announce my withdrawal from the Senatorial race.
I do not want whatever reason to appear to have used my
position and influence to do anything that other than the well-being
and the stability and the good of the people.
I am in all of these for the people, not for my self.
Once again, I thank the former President, Dr. Goodluck Ebelo
Jonathan, the National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, my
colleagues in the Senate and Governor of Bayelsa State, the
Honourable Henry Seriake Dickson for their support and
I also thank the leadership of my Senatorial District and state, for
for being there for me.
I thank Specially the people of my constituency for their trust and
confidence in me to serve and represent them in the Senate.
By trusting me with this mandate, I have come to know them and
our people even better, an experience I will never forget for the rest
of my life.
I am indeed grateful to My darling wife, my children, other
members of my family for their support and prayers. I appreciate
the efforts of my hardworking campaign staff for their support and
Again, I thank the leadership of the party for their continuing
support. I also assured the party of my availability and readiness
to serve at any capacity when the opportunity comes.
Best Regards
Senator Ben Murray Bruce.


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