She cant cook doesn’t mean she ain’t good

A woman’s inability to cook delicious meals doesn’t mean she
lacks character, her background is basically to be blame for this.
For instance, I grew up in abject poverty! I can’t remember eating 3
square meal a day while growing up. I have faint memory of my
mother cooking and when she did whatever soup she cooked was
always watery.
We used to buy eba from mama put, add plenty water to the soup
to go round 6 kids then buy eba kolobe (eba without soup) which
was always big and share the 2 big wraps to go with the watery
soup. The soup was not always enough though, we still had to
swallow the eba anyway!
After my mum’s death in a fatal accident (may her gentle soul rest
in perfect peace), I lived with my uncle where they cooked regularly
and had the chance to eat like a normal human being. My aunt had
plans to upgrade my culinary skill but her business needed much
assistance. I was excused from the kitchen so I could have enough
time to produce the wares which was receiving increasing demand
From there, I went to school where I met my soul mate. The first
time I prepared semovita, he was surprised but not shocked. I
prepared it like eba and ate it that way. He patiently taught me how
to make it and I was grateful.
My fiance never criticized, abused or judged me once. He simply
had compassion for me and patiently taught me how to make
amala, cook gbegiri, fry stew with locust beans etc. Yes, I had
learnt to cook vegetable with egusi from my aunt, fried stew from
my mum when she was selling food and beans from a friend, and I
taught myself how to make moin moin, that was all but fried rice,
jollof rice, pounded yam, edikaikong soup, efo riro, porridge, etc,
who dash monkey banana? Those type of food were beyond our
Your wife won’t know everything she needs to know before she
gets married just as you won’t know everything. A man who loves
his wife like Christ loves the church will patiently and lovingly teach
her not abuse, criticize or condemn her!
That I couldn’t cook doesn’t mean I didn’t have great character or
else I wouldn’t be happily married.
I just needed someone to accept, love and teach me that’s all.
Today, the rest is history!
What you need when planning to get married is God’s will. With the
will of God in your relationship, everything will work out fine and
your marriage will be nothing short of heaven on earth.
No perfect wife drops from heaven. The making of a virtuous wife
is in the hands of her husband. If she can’t cook well, teach her or
send her to a catering school.
Mature men don’t complain about problems, they fix the problem. I
hope you learnt something.

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