Shoe Shining the Best Business in Nigeria- Borno State Governor

Nigerians were shocked on the news that Governor Kashim
Shettima, empowered about 5,000 youths of Borno State, with the
“New Improved Shoe Shining Kit”, fully equipped with Polish and

Mr Kachalla, in Bama road,
laughed at the empowerment exercise and asked how many real
Nigerians are involved in Shoe shining? He said that those boys
were brought in for the election next year (2019). “They are from
Chad, Niger Republic and some are Sudanese”.
He went further to narrate that they all have voters card for the
town or state they will be directed to relocate, “afterall, what will
Borno state do with 5,000 show shinners?”

Another local who simply identified himself as Babagoni, said,
“search those boys, they all have PVC and Residence card in their
pockets or bags, they are here for the 2019 election”. “They will
use and dump them and they will constitute a nuisance to the
Various Nigeria Media have reported about Buhari’s government
importing foreign voters into the country for the forthcoming
Presidential election in 2019.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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