Should i quit my job sake of a man

I remember in 2011, a girlfriend that lives in the US called me up to tell me about a man who saw my pictures in her wedding album and went gaga asking for my details and expressing his interest in getting married to me.

I told her that I won’t agree to get married to anyone I have never met. I must meet him and know if he is what I would like in a life partner.

The man came to Nigeria in a month and insisted on seeing me the next day. I had to close early from work to meet up with him. We had been speaking via the telephone all the while and made some level of acquaintance.

On seeing him, he didn’t fall into what I liked but I gave him all benefit of doubt and was polite as the good host I was meant to be.

During our discussion which I wasn’t enjoying so much, he said that he was relocating to Nigeria and when we get married, I would resign my job.

I wasn’t even taken aback. To me it was the greatest joke in the whole of Africa and I didn’t even pay it any attention. I just replied him that he should pray that I accept his hand in marriage of which he was rather taken aback.

At that juncture, I increased my politeness because being a shopaholic, i couldn’t even let him get angry such that he wouldn’t release the goodies he bought for me from the US. I joined him to all the places he went to that night and we retired to his friend’s house where he was hosted. I insisted that I would leave that night to mine.

He had no choice but to give me all he bought for me which were ranging from shoes to hand bags and other goodies. I thanked him, called a cab and headed home. After that night, I didn’t pick his calls again .

I should resign my job, even if he was dangote, that is a very tall dream.

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