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Signs that it is time to leave (i)

Relationships are different yet at the same time, I believe there are a number of things that cut across them. One of such is the fact that when a relationship is unhealthy, you should leave.
Sadly, some people do not want to leave because staying is much easier. For example, he is such a great guy, your family likes him or you think you could never get a man like him again. Girl, it is time to snap out of it. This is how you know if it is time to walk away.
1. He is abusive
This is most obvious but some women still find themselves here. Don’t convince yourself that he will change. Whether he is emotionally or physically abusive, you are giving him too much power by staying in the relationship.
2. He is addicted
If he is battling with substance abuse then he needs professional help. Of course, I am not saying that you should abandon him but at that moment, he does not need a girlfriend. Be there for him but don’t get sucked up in it.
3. You are with him but alone
It seems ridiculous that someone would be in a relationship and still feels lonely but it happens to a lot of people and is an indicator that you are unhappy. He is not meeting your emotional needs and you probably have to walk away.
4. You have lost friends/family
Any man that turns you away from the people in your life is not worth your attention. It is that simple. Before he came along, these people were there yet he is trying to isolate you. My dear, leave!
5. He is not trustworthy
A man that you cannot rely on to come through for you is not what any woman needs. How can he have your back or support you?

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