Simple exercises to get you going every day

It’s been proven that exercising in the morning can help your blood to pump faster, stimulate appetite, keep you healthier and fill you with positivity and strength for the day ahead.
In case you’re not an exercise nut, these simple exercises will get your heart racing and rearing to go in the morning.
Jumping jacks: After you have woken up in the morning and stretched your muscles, try some jumping jacks. It is a perfect combination of cardio and balance exercise. Start with 10 and move up as you get used to it. Make sure you are doing it properly by spreading your legs as far as you can go and outing height into your jump for better results.
Plank: With the plank, you simply support yourself by lying flat on the ground and holding yourself up with your forearms and your toes. The plank focuses on your stomach and helps to build endurance, start at ten seconds, but soon you’ll be able to do a minute with no trouble.
Jumping squats: Not for beginners and the principle is simple- you do a normal squat, but jump when you’re coming back up. It’s the perfect mix of cardio and muscle resistance exercise, and your body will thank you.

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