Sit at home by igbos to go down the history book-Elliot Ugochukwu Uko

The very successful sit at home observed by the people of Eastern
Nigeria on Friday 14th September 2018, will go down in history as
the boldest statement made by the people of Eastern region since
In spite of subterranean efforts by government to subvert and
undermine the sit at home,by offering inducements to every union
to disregard the sit at home,Ndigbo shut down Igboland on that
Despite threats to civil servants that they would loose their jobs
and traders that they would loose their shops,over 80%of the
people stayed home on September 14.
Even open threats by Police and other law enforcement agencies
could not deter the people of Eastern Nigeria from obeying the
14th September sit at home order.
Efforts by the powers that be to plant fictitious narrative that the sit
at home order was partially complied with,only resulted in amusing
the people. Only turning into a source of entertainment in this
horrific period of destroyed economy and anguish in the land.The
false narrative also confirms to the masses the troubling reality,
that the polity is in the hands of dishonourable liars.
The fear of the truth and the compelling urge to plant false
narrative,point to the fact that the leadership and the led, dwell in
two different worlds. The gulf between the two,keep widening
everyday. But the truth is that our people,the much oppressed and
serially abused
masses of Eastern Nigeria are tired of Nigeria.
Frustrated with the polity and they now choose to vent their anger
the only way they can, by staying home on September 14th in
order to send a message to the world.
The political leadership, shocked by the huge compliance,hurriedly
resorted to doing all they can to sell the impression that the
compliance was low in order to save their faces.
But all through history,LIVING IN DENIAL of any uncomfortable
situation has never solved any problem.Problems are only
resolved,when they are confronted and addressed sincerely. The
Igbo question has not been addressed, let alone resolved.Neither
does the Nigerian state plan to give any attention to their cries any
time soon.Their “leaders “are cooperating well with the oppressor.
Regardless of the continued pretense of the political
class,September 14th was a watershed in the both the annals and
journey of Ndigbo in Nigeria.
Ndigbo stayed home on September 14th because Nigeria has
consistently denied them justice since 1967.
Ndigbo stayed home because every effort to reconstruct
Nigeria,and enthrone equity has been consistently rebuffed by the
owners of power in Nigeria. Reports of three National conferences
has been successfully killed by the owners of power in Nigeria.
Ndigbo stayed home because they have lost faith in their political
leaders. Our people stayed home because our lives don’t matter in
Soldiers invaded our homestead, killed scores of unarmed youths a
year ago, took many away,and nobody is saying anything till date.
Ndigbo stayed home on September 14th because our patience is
getting to the limit. We stayed home because the present military
constitution is a farce.We stayed home because we are imprisoned
in Nigeria. We stayed home because we can’t take it any longer.
Regardless of the choice of the political class to live in denial of the
truth, our people will continue to sit indoors every September 14th,
because we can’t take it any longer. The younger generation
rejects the decades- old humiliation and oppression meted out to
our people since the end of the war.The message from September
14th successful sit at home is:GIVE US JUSTICE OR GIVE US
The now quite obvious division between the political leadership and
the masses of Eastern Nigeria is clearly a result of loss of
confidence between the two.
The masses,especially the youth of Eastern Nigeria want justice or
freedom. The political class should either join them in their quest
for equity or be left behind. We will never accept the scorched
earth policy and war of attrition anymore. Our civil disobedience
and passive resistance will continue until freedom is attained.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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