They were just about to cross over a barbed fence when uniform men surrounded the culprit and his victim. As they approach, they were aware that they had to thread with caution as such twisted minded people could be dangerous.
To him, there was only one way out of this, it was non-negotiable.
“Show me your hands”, the men ordered in echoes.
He moved back slowly, holding unto Nora now Abigail. She had her hands held high above her head in surrender while Matthew, now Nick had his arm around her neck.
They continued to order him to let go of her and show his hands but he obeyed none.
Soon enough, he had a barbed wire around her neck. The policemen did not notice a cut out piece of the wire lying behind him until he grabbed it. Geoff Schmiden was watching from a distance, it was his call to make for the men to take Nick out or not. He ordered them to retreat. He did not want Nick to get the easy way out – death. He wanted him to rot in jail and suffer, just like he made Abigail’s family suffer for 15 years. He made his men retreat and surrendered to Nick or at least, they made him think so.
What he didn’t know was that there was a policeman behind him. He walked behind him when he was busy trying to strangle Abi with the wire. But there was nothing he could do until Nick looses his grip on Abi, at least a little. And when he did, the policeman tasered him and he was on the ground and in handcuffs in seconds.
Abi was rescued and taken to a hospital, she had had minor injury from the barb Nick held to her neck. She however kept saying he did no wrong and how he was a nice man and treated her well. He only needed a companion and she loved him.
Her family was contacted immediately. Her parents live 2.5hrs away. They got in a car as soon as they heard from detective Mike Jonas, who was the lead detective on the case. David Osbourne’s hands were shaking as he drove, their GPS suddenly went bad and his wife had to use an atlas. It was big and old, and they got lost twice. Finally the arrived at the precinct where Agent Schmiden was, detective Jonas had given them his name and office address.
He greeted them and told them she had a band aid on her neck, however, it was a minor wound. Janet Osbourne was eager to see her daughter. Agent Schmiden explained to them that she might not be as excited to see them as they thought she would and that her brain was in shock, she was still processing the whole event.
Soon enough, parents and daughter reunited amidst tears and hugs and tears and hugs.
Nick West’s trail was over in less than a month, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after a testimony from distraught Abi. She had only written her testimony through a court worker as she could not face Nick.
In her testimony, she said how when he first abducted her, he took her to the basement of a house where he tied her to a pole with chains, and kept a bare foam when she sleeps. He came in and out to feed and rape her. He told her her new name was Nora Williams and must never refer to herself as Abigail Osbourne. Twice between the ages of 15-19, she had gotten pregnant and he beat her with iron rods and chains and kicked her stomach until she miscarried. He told her she was worthless and he was doing her a favour by loving her. He said her parents did not care about her and no one was looking for her, and even though that was a lie, she believed him. She believed she was worthless and deserved nothing better. He told her she was ugly and messed up, no one will ever love her, no one that is but him. She believed.
After the trail however, Abi became even more withdrawn. She kept to herself and cried a lot. Her parents encouraged her to see a therapist.
On her first day seeing Dr Chu, a petite Chinese woman, she felt different. Dr Chu made her comfortable and she wanted to open up to her about everything. She had told her everything he did to her, how she believes she was worthless and not loved by anyone but Nick. She opened up to loving him even though she doesn’t understand why. She said beneath all the rust was a good man who loved her and cared for her. Dr Chu listened.
In subsequent visits, Dr Chu told Abi about Stockholm syndrome. It was the emotional bond that exists between two people where one person intermittently harass, beats, abuses, threatens, and intimidates the other. Hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy. It was named after 4 hostages who where taken during a bank robbery in Stockholm Sweden. After their release, they developed such an emotional bond that they could not testify against their captors in court.
Dr Chu said gently with her soothing voice “Abi, no matter the emotional bond you have with Nick West, I want you to know that what he did was wrong and inhumane. He took you away from your loved once and continuously hurt you. He got you pregnant after raping you and then murdered your babies. He beats you and treats you like he was better than you but he isn’t. Abi, you are better than he made you think you are, you are far better than him. You are beautiful, loved and able to love back, you are not worthless and you are a very strong woman.
When I got married to my first husband, he abused me, beats me, intimidates me and called me all sort of unprintable names. When he was done, he came back and apologised and I always forgave him. Until one day, I discovered he did this out of jealousy and anger and insecurity. He made me feel worthless just because he himself was worthless. When I discovered what damage he had done to me, I picked up myself and the little integrity and self respect I had left and ran.
Abi, what Nick did to you can never be justifiable. He stole 15 years away from you, years you will never get back, you never graduated high school with you friends, freshman year, university life, another graduation, boyfriend(s), parties, and lots more. He didn’t just take that from you, he hurt your mum and dad too, denied them the right to see how your life turns out. Your parents where on TV for years asking for people to help look for you, each time raising the reward. They became a shadow of themselves and could not snap out of depression. That was all because they loved you.
He doesn’t deserve to be on the streets anymore Abi or he will hurt another little girl.”
Slowly, Abi got out of her shell. Her best friend Riley came visiting. They chatted and laughed at old photos Riley brought. They cried together and Riley promised to always be there.
And then she began her journey to recovery.


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