Sleeping while reading

Sleeping while reading is a phenomenon commonly seen among students of both secondary and tertiary level of education .  Sleeping while reading is simply because of the eye been heavy due to much  reading , reading with dim light or any other factor like stress during the day.

Indeed , a lot of students have devised a lot of ways to be awake while sleeping . For instance , some do chew kolanut while some do stay hungry because of the belief that hunger won’t make them sleep , others do bring water close to them to enable to rub their eyes when they see sign of sleeping. The truth  be told any time you are disturbed by sleep while reading and you are fighting back it is not quite good for your health but some times we have to disobey nature and it’s laws to get what we want.

However , this solutions being proffered by students is health challenging . Seome who is chewing kolanut may develop health ailments due to the high content of drug substance in kolanut . Moreover people using water have no much worries but your eyes will be weak the next day .

Nevertheless , every problem has a solution, To stop this menace by sleep during reading we adopt a lot of ways but I will talk about the major ones .

1 . Do not stare astare at TV too much during the day or look at your phone too much .

2 . Try not to do much hefty work in the afternoon try to remove stressful activities from your daily activities .

3. This is the final one , try to sleep at noon it will reduce the sleep on your eye at night .

In conclusion reading is good , it is an approach to achieve your goals and we have to manage all obstacles that surrounds it .

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