Seventeen soldiers of Ekiti State starting point who have quite recently finished their preparation went on the frenzy in Ado-Ekiti on Thursday,attacking some policemen.
They supposedly cut a policeman, Corporal Abdulkadir Yakub with a folding blade.
Yakub is as of now on the peril list at the Police Clinic, Okesa, where he was raced to after the assault.
Six different people who were harmed amid the assault have been released from the healing center.
The ‘wrongdoing’ of Yakubu, a movement cop, was that he tested the troopers for causing an activity growl while blackmailing cash from drivers.
He was consequently cut by one of the fighters in the head and rump.
The youthful warriors, who were in armed force uniform, were said to have gone by the Governor’s Office to pay a civility visit to Governor Ayo Fayose in the wake of finishing their preparation in Kaduna.
Sources said the senator was inaccessible to get them.
From the Governor’s office,they supposedly moved into close-by streets,stopping vehicles at Fajuyi Roundabout with a view to coercing cash from drivers and motorcyclists.
Yakub’s associate, Corporal Monday Agom, who was on obligation with the casualty when the occurrence happened at around 2.00 pm, said Yakub was assaulted by the troopers subsequent to requesting that they avoid causing movement gridlock amid their charged coercion.
Agom stated: “I was with Yakub at the Fajuyi Roundabout where we were sent to control activity. The ‘enlisted people’ were coming back from the Governor’s Office and on coming to the heart of the matter where we were controlling movement, they ceased and began annoying bike riders and drivers for cash.
“One of the troopers halted a policeman who was in mufti right in his auto and requested the auto key, at the point Yakub was endeavoring to motion to move.
“Yakub at that point disclosed to trooper that the man he ceased (Boboye Oluwakorede) was a cop and that he ought to enable him to go, as halting him there would cause hold-up.The explanation chafed the fighter who slapped Yakub, and afterward drew out a folding blade with which he began cutting him on a few sections of the body.
“I at that point joined other individuals to protect Yakub from him.By then,the warrior was yelling , ‘I will slaughter you, imbecile; I will execute you, numbskull” even as his associates (officers) additionally joined punching Yakub who was at that point absorbed blood.”
Another onlooker affirmed Yakub had been on obligation controlling movement before the troopers arrived and began ceasing everyone.
The witness stated: “I saw them when they were running to Governor’sOffice, singing, and when they were returning.
“They returned and as opposed to go their direction, they halted at this intersection (Fajuyi Roundabout) and began ceasing everyone, including okada riders and drivers.
“At a point one of them began contending with a movement superintendent and soon drew out a sharp blade to cut the superintendent. By then, I raced to somewhere else to conceal myself, yet I saw a few people attempting to hold the officer’s hands.”
Affirming the episode, Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Alberto Adeyemi, a Superintendent of Police (SP), said the occurrence had been accounted for to the Brigade Commander of the 322 Field Artillery Regiment in Akure, Ondo State.
Adeyemi stated: “The warriors, numbering 17, who were Ekiti State indigenes, had quite recently come back from an enlistment practice in Zaria, Kaduna state and were in Governor’s Office for conceivable help from the senator.
“They profited by halting drivers at the Fajuyi circuitous, amid which a contention emerged with movement superintendents on obligation, one of whom they cut with a folding blade.
“However the circumstance is under control as the Brigade Commander, Akure Division, was reached and has come to get the volunteers to confront conceivable departmental addressing and endorses.”


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