Some women are called to be greater helpmate than others

There are some women, not a helpmate but alright but only polishing and helping what the man already has; but there
are some, the ‘help-meetedness’ of the woman is carrying the load
of the house. If you find yourself in such a situation; and I want to
prophesy to you today: If you can allow your heart to understand
that just like on the rainbow there are many colours, In this room,
we all have shades of different colours (skin tones). Let me use
myself as the middle line. There are some on one side that are
much darker than me, and there are some on the other side much
fairer than me. Assuming the colour is the helpmeet position; that
means my own helpmeet position is in the middle. Let’s say for
those that are fairer, their husbands carry the greater load; and
those that are darker, the husbands do not carry much load. Look
at it as a Meter. Just as we are all different, that is also how our
homes are different.
Don’t allow any lady to tell you ‘In my own house, it is my husband
that brings all the food money’; and you are now using it to judge
your own husband because in your own house, you and your
husband work and you bring the feeding money 50/50.
We are in a spectrum. Don’t use another man’s situation to judge
your husband. Oh I know that there are lazy men that will not wake
up and do anything. There are some men that married some
women because that is the kind of woman they wanted to marry.
We once asked a man what kind of woman he wanted to marry
and he said ‘She must be working a good job with the Federal
Government, and she should have a car and a good house, …that
makes work easy for me.’
Now, the woman that agrees to marry that man; after you have
married him, why are you complaining? Didn’t you see the
situation at hand? You agreed to it. Maybe you did so trusting that
things will get better when you marry. My point is, The Shunamite
woman did not allow the prevailing situation of other homes to
determine her, or to be a challenge in her own home.


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