Somthing about a full house wife

Some singles believe a full time house wife is a woman who does
not go to work but stays at home with the kids, that’s not a full
time house wife. A full time house wife is a woman who
contributes nothing whatsoever to the society and the world at
large. She only has s3x, cook and spends all her life with the kids,
no more, no less.

You can be a house wife and not go to work, you have s3x, cook,
raise the kids yet make impact around the word. That’s actually a
proverbs 31 woman. Did I say you should not go to work? NO! Go to work if you and your husband agrees to that but if not, better settle that in courtship before you get married.

The following set of people are not full time house wives. People
erroneously think they are. You can pick the one you want, discuss
it with your fiance and reach an agreement before you marry.

1. A BUSINESS WOMAN FROM HOME: In other to have time for the
family, some women do business from home (Proverbs 31). They
make their products at home and deliver to their customers
especially when the kids are away at school and return before the
kids get home. This type of business is good because it affords you enough time to spend with the family yet make extra cash for yourself. Raising a family is very demanding. Now, as singles you have all the 24 hours to waste but as a married person you must maximize every
second spent. This type of arrangement gives you the freedom of
making money yet keep the family running.

2. A MINISTRY WOMAN: She is not a full time house wife because
she is making impact in her church and her society at large. Many
women are called by the Lord to stop work and dedicate their lives
to Him. She spends time with the family and when the kids are
away at school, she spends the spare time doing the Lord’s work.
Care must be taken not to abandon the family at the expense of
God’s work. Some women do this to their own peril.

3. THE ONLINE BUSINESS WOMAN: Her business is online and this
allows so much flexibility. Lots of genuine businesses are being
done online; from information marketing, to blogging to ebook
publishing/marketing, business promo, transactions among
several others. She has enough time for her husband and the kids
yet has time to make some transaction online without moving
around. All she needs is her laptop, tablet or phone and a
functioning bank account.

4. THE CAREER WOMAN: She uses her certificate to make money.
She may be a banker, doctor, lawyer, accountant, nurse, teacher, a
lecturer, journalist, auditor, etc. This one is actually demanding.
You leave for work very early, take the kids to school and return
home after the kids have arrived or in the evening. The more
demanding jobs like banking and medicine may require getting a
house help who helps you run the home while you are away at
work making money. This type of arrangement is good if you are very spiritual, have an understanding husband, a godly, deeply spiritual house help and children who are well behaved otherwise you need to tighten your belt and sit tight.

Raising godly kids in this very corrupt generation is time
consuming. Money is not enough to raise children, if it were
enough, the children of some wealthy men won’t be cocaine
addicts and cultists. Going to church is not enough or else some
Pastors’ daughters won’t be prostitutes. Your husband also need care and attention. He needs your food and body and if they are not available, he may seek help from the house help, this is REALITY.

I will advise you to maximize your life as a single person. Work as
much as you want, make all the money in the world but when you
get married be flexible. There are some jobs you can’t take
anymore. You can’t be traveling round the world for months and years on end and expect your sexually starved husband to remain faithful
forever or your neglected kids become godly overnight.

Get a flexible job. Get the one that allows you to spend time with
the family. Family is important. After God, family should rank next
on your list of importance. Courtship is for talking and ironing out issues. Sit your partner down and have a tete-a-tete on this issue. Ask questions, answer questions. This is very important.

THE FULL TIME HOUSE WIFE: She spends all her time in the home,
kitchen and children. If your husband is rich and very busy like he
travels a lot and pays you monthly salary or personal allowance
and you are very okay with it, why not? Raising kids is very time consuming, house chores is not a child’s play but a time comes the kids leave the home and you ask yourself who am I? What have I contributed to the world? Running your vision, working in your passion, making impact in the world apart from making money helps you feel good and have a sound, solid self esteem. There is more to life than having s3x and raising kids, you are here on a purpose, find out and work towards it’s attainment.

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