South east should be included in the railway development project, Sen Victor Umeh

On 28th March 2018,at the floor of the Senate,Sen Victor
Umeh brought a motion for an “Urgent Need to Include The Eastern
Rail Lines In the Nigerian Development Project”.All the three
prayers from the Anambra Central Senator were answered.
As the plenary was going on,opposition leaders who have been
quarantined politically in Anambra state sponsored their E-rats and
they went online accusing Sen Umeh of “plagiarism”. Plagiarism
,on the ground that Sen EYINNAYA ABARIBE had brought the same
motion at the floor of the Senate.
When President Mohammadu Buhari wrote the Senate to approve
6.8b dollars loan for the execution of Rail line projects in
Nigeria,Sen ABARIBE observed that South-east Rail lines were not
included in the region that will benefit from the loan spoke against
it at the floor of the senate.
SEN ABARIBE challenged the request because south east was
excluded from the deal.He never brought any motion to the senate
and that was what Sen James Manager was referring to when he
spoke after the presentation of the motion by Sen Umeh.
SEN EYINNAYA ABARIBE was to second the motion brought by Sen
Victor Umeh but was in court for Nnamdi Kanus case.
A motion is not brought twice in the Senate and Victor Umeh who
has been following proceedings at the Red chambers before he got
there knows.He is not naive so those talking about Plagiarism
should know that we sent an intelligent man who is abreast with
facts to Abuja.
After the presentation of the motion by Sen Umeh ,Sen Barnabas
Gemade (Benue state) in supporting the motion prayed that
Makurdi -Jalingo Rail lines should be included in the deal and Sen
Kabiru Marafa (Zamfara) prayed that Kano-Zamfara Rail lines
should be included too.
The Senate leader ,Sen Ahmed Lawan (Yobe) supported the
motion.Sen Ike Ekweremadu supported the motion .The senate
president,Sen Bukola Saraki (Kwara) thanked Sen Umeh for
bringing the motion to the floor of the senate and Sen Sam Egwu
congratulated Victor Umeh for the very important motion he
brought to the Red chambers.
Yesterday was the first time the official and formal motion to
include south-east as a beneficiary of the loan and for it to be
included in the budget was brought to the floor of the Senate and
credit goes to Sen Victor Umeh.
Sen Victor Umeh is delivering his pre-election campaign
promise.His presence at the Red chambers is an Igbo project and
stakeholders in Igbo project know that.


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