South East Governors Are Against Biafra Agitation – Ani Nonso

The IPOB sit-at-home order got a tacit threat only from the
federally-comtrolled security apparatuses. The state governments
in the region remained somewhat indifferent and showed sympathy
to the course albeit in a cunning manner.
Notice that the State governments would have ordered their civil
service structure to enforce compliance on a forceful disposal of
any civil servant who fails to appear on duty on the 12th day of
September 2018.
Yes,your dad/mum,brother or cousin would’ve gotten a
compulsory disposal letter from any of the state government’s civil
service hierarchy for failing to come to work.
IPOB must know that those they call efulefu(sellouts) secretly
share in the struggle to return equity and fairness to the polity. The
difference is while IPOB needs to enjoy social justice on a new
state platform, some others need equity and justice within the
Nigerian platform.
Ohaneze,Pandef,SE governors and the Igbo intelligentsia can be
engaged intelligently with the number in the IPOB movement.
These people can NEVER defy a people pressure coordinated well
enough to pull a particular outcome. These people live in our
backyards, they cling on positions by our own acclaimed
votes.They still deliver policies to our own advantages and by our
own demands too.They represent us in foras. They sit in the NASS
too. We have their state counterparts also.
But it is unfortunate that while we make popular demands that
border on consolidating the unitary structure, we turn around to
call on imperial powers of the Americas and Europe in the UN to
come save us. Even when we know their extended interest in the
It is time to quit squandering the little goodwill we have in these
elders who run a race against the evil structure. Those of us that
call them names will do worst if given the chance. The structure
elicits idiocy in sane minds.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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