South East not the only region marginalized – Uzoma Umezinwa

When we say the South Easterners are marginalized, we should
not also forget the people of the Middle-belt. Indeed some
elements promote and use differences in the polity’s composition
to cause problems. Theses differences come to play in public
institutions i.e Public schools, governmental organizations and
offices, public places and security apparatus and indeed all the
areas which act as melting pots were there are inter plays and
representation of the collectivity of the various ethnicity and people that make up Nigeria.
Restructuring Nigeria will solve a lot of our current problems which
include insecurity, marginalization, negligence of certain ethnic
groups from enjoying certain rights and privileges in government
and the right to carry out economic developmental and
infrastructural projects ,stagnated and suppressed from growth as
a result of the current structural arrangement which makes it
almost impossible to do some of these until the center does it or
them,among so many other prevailing challenges cut across the
country as a result.
Nigeria`s land mass to is too big in the first place for a central
government that controls the rights and responsibilities of the
funding and coordination of the affairs and activities of almost
every sector in the federation including ministries, departments
and agencies, State and Local governments etc.
The Federal government can not adequately from this stand point
handle in the present structure provision of services such as for
instance power generation from the center, when she has to do so
for all settlements cities, towns and rural communities cut across
the length and breath with of the country considering the land
mass as stated earlier and also the center may have the difficulty
of adequately providing funding and also providing the proper
managerial or administrative requirements to adequately run and
manage this sector with out it being the center being over
stretched financially or managerial considering the among of other
responsibilities and sectors also contending for attention,thus
allowing for example in this sector experiencing, mediocrity in the
general attempt to provide adequate electrical power for the said
areas mentioned earlier on the one hand and managerial lapses
paving way for such problems like corruption and related issues on
the other.
Another example of how a restructured Nigeria can help curtail a
lot of her current challenges is also in the area as with this report ,in the area of security.
To a very large extent Nigeria is under policed , the number of
security personnel per persons in given populations in must areas
in the country is very inadequate and can not meet the demands
therein. If we are going to see a stop to these killing for example
especially on the Plateau and the Middle- belt, community policing
on the one hand and the massive upgrade an recruitment into the
current police force must be allowed with adequate, training and
equipping. This should be done by the restructured units to further
enhance and secure these communities currently experiencing
these heinous killings against the innocent people in these areas
for example.
Though, this idea of restructuring is a process and not a one stop
procedure and should be considered and start as soon as possible.


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