South South And Niger Delta: Our Take On Biafra


For your mind now you be South South and Niger Delta abi? And nothing concerned you with Biafra shy? No wahala continue, but let me ask you this simple question yes you Mr South South and Niger Delta, before the creation of Calabar, Akwa Ibom, River, Delta an Bayelsa as a State were was all this States migrated from???
During the war many uneducated elements from the so call South South and Niger Delta were claiming I’m not igbo, I’m not a Biafra, hoping that their sick mentality of denying their origin could safe them from being killed by the Nigerian Army but sorry the Federal Troops didn’t spare them as they were killed in millions,
Today some educated elements our still living in that mentality, well I got no word for you, but let watch and pray Biafra should come in a peaceful Manner, if not then violent approach is introduced we shall see whether they gonna spare you because you are a South South and Niger Delta,
If Emeka from River State and Emeka from Abia State are different then you are good to continue with your Niger Delta,
If Ifeoma from Delta State is different from Ifeoma in Imo state then you are free to continue with your south south mentality but if not rethink before it becomes too late to reconcile with your brothers, we are same people with common value system,
Igbos are my brothers and together we are Biafra.
I’m from Akwa Ibom state and I stand with Biafra.



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