Sowore is right to call Mohammadu Buhari useless- Progress Obuta

Yes! Muhammadu Buhari is useless. Take it or leave it. You can
call Omoyele Sowore names for pointing this out.
He may be useful and available to and for his immediate family.
He must have bought bikes worth tens of millions of naira for his
handsome son. He is useful to the daughters as he got them good
education outside the shores of Nigeria and even got them
maritally fixed! He is not useless to Aisha anyway. If a whopping
#2.5billion could be in the custody of her ADC, she must have
access to # 25billion .
But to and for Nigerians, he’s useless.
A useless president is one who wouldn’t address the press in his
own country for 3years running. He couldn’t bring the hundreds of
journalists in Abuja down to the villa even if it’s to play a
sympathy and compassion script and tell the spirit of the beautiful
Hauwa Liman, sorry!
A useless president cares less about the poverty rate in the land.
He waves it off as compilations and complaints of the ever lying
A useless president borrows more money to do less work. Only a
useless man borrows more in three years and do less to what his
friends did in 16years.
A useless president once called subsidy a scam and has since
doubled the payment of same scam in 2years.
A useless president orders and justifies the killings of the same
people he “rules”. He jails them arbitrarily, denies them freedom
even as the courts continued to free them and tells ALL rule of law
is second to national security.
A useless president is the one who hasn’t reshuffled his cabinet
almost 3years he’s chosen his quiet “noisemakers”.
A useless president orders for the arrest of opposition voices but
escorts a certificate forger back to England, retires a certain
Babachir to his palatial mansion in Abuja and retains an Obono
Obla in his anti corruption regime.
A useless president cannot see to the active and full participation
of amputee sportsmen hustling to make a better living other than
waiting for alms at Post Office, Akure.
A useless president runs to the UK to treat headache and frowns at
his country men asking about his health status.
A useless president supervises the nationwide unjustifiable
increment of tuition fees of tertiary institutions.
A useless president runs to the court with an army of senior
lawyers when you ask for his WAEC certificate but supervises
legal actions against an opposition member who doesn’t have one.
A useless president calls the youths of his country, who he could
only offer NPower jobs, lazy even as they were the pillar of his
power base pre-2015 elections.
A useless president doesn’t know the roles of women shouldn’t be
limited to the kitchens and bedrooms.
Muhammadu Buhari is useless to Nigeria and Nigerians except to
a selected few who are siphoning millions of funds and to those
who get stipends for defending the lifelessness in this government,
online or elsewhere.

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