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Last week I went to visit a friend whose wedding’s a month away. We sat in his shop and chatted for some time when a gentleman was walking past, he hollered at him and he came into the shop. At this point, there were a total of four men in the shop, I was the only girl. The guy started to chat initially about random stuff, total time in the shop: he was in and out in five minutes or less.
He talked about a time he was in college of accountancy, he worked in one of these new generation banks so I figured he was an accountant. He was going home from work this evening, tie in hand and a very relaxed shirt semi tucked in, he started his advice.
It was like the speed of light, before I could say Jack Robinson, he had crucified the lady my friend is marrying indirectly even without knowing, and I bet you he hasn’t even met her yet.
“Women today are never satisfied, you have to do more work and save some money, don’t use all for the wedding else after the ceremony she will make your life a living hell. Recently my wife of over 7 years asked me what I do for the family, I was so shocked I only said she should fear God.” He said.
I was impressed he advised my friend to save money for after the wedding, but was shocked to get a glimpse of how his brain works in subsequent convos.
“Do you know you are a ‘god’ in your home?” he asked my friend, and then continued. “A man told a story in Kogi one time. He said he slaved for his wife and she never appreciated, she was always nagging him and he was loosing his mind and so he prayed a prayer ‘Dear God, take the life of one so that one can know peace’. Two weeks later, his wife died of hepatitis and he was free.”
I sat mouth agape, wow, here was I thinking by ‘one’ the man meant God should take his life so that his wife will miss him and appreciate him in death.
This world is messed up. I wanted to talk, I really did but with people like this, you allow them spew the rubbish their poor neck labours to carry everyday thinking there is a brain in there.
My friend, the groom-to-be had stepped out and was busy.
Just when I thought I heard it all, he continued; now talking to the two guys in the shop plus myself…..
“Women today are not like our mothers. You know back in the day when they do not even converse with men without an intermediary, they had zero knowledge of men. Today, sadly you marry a woman and she says you cannot satisfy her because she has been with many men, too many to count, how can you satisfy such a one? Marriages don’t last because these women are so loose and they slept around…….”
His phone rang.
Good Lawd! He walked away as he answered his phone, stopped a car and hopped in.
I was still surprised, I was more sad because I didn’t get to wash him clean of such bad mentality. May sense fall on him wherever he is.
I looked around, it was not over. These guys sitting next to me believed everything he said hook, line and sinker, I had to dig in to see what they thought.
“That is one selfish man” I said. “How can he pray for his wife to die?” They smiled.
I got it, I knew how to drive home my point. So I continued..
“She had brothers, sisters and other loved ones. We need to encourage divorce more then, if he was tired of the marriage he would have just left and not prayed her to death and even share the story like some ‘testimony’. Anyway, the hepatitis that killed her is most likely in his system too, sexually transmitted? He should get tested.”
That was all I needed to say to detoxify their minds…. what if it was their sister?
One of the guys started to talk about how his brother-in-law went back on his words, about his sister getting a degree after the wedding, how he said she should choose between staying married to him or going back to uni. How men are also not like our fathers.
Even after my encounter with his man, I sit and wonder how his brain works, is my money even safe in the bank this idiot works? Since when did a woman’s body count determine how happy her marriage is? Our ladies today are not as sexually pure as our mothers were but so are our men! Because I don’t want to believe our ladies today sleep with themselves, the process of being ‘defiled’ takes two! So what stupid patriarchy-ish mentality was this man talking about? I have no idea.
I pitied his wife, I can only imagine being married to a man like this with a sheep brain and I get constant migraines.
Heaven knows I preach abstinence, but that is because I for one feel a conviction that it’s what God desires, I will never believe or preach that abstinence will guarantee happiness in marriage because that will be A BIG LIE. A Delusion!
It is stupid enough to believe it, but preaching it too? Good Gawd!!!
May active brain cells fall on you all.

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  5. Wonderful! But remember, abstainance brings trust, and I believe is partly what could keep a family happy.

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