Stages of evolution of the human soul

Our soul passes stages of evolution through human reincarnation,
together with the typical learning experiences associated with each
stage: Man has failed to ask questions who is the soul and what is
the soul doing on earth, what is the mission and by the way who is
soul and what benefit does the soul gains in going out of the body
and coming back on earth. By the way the soul of man is a falling
star which you observe in the galaxies at night? During the soul
experience the soul incarnates in man as INFANT SOUL, and its
attributes are, survival, physicality environmental awareness and
mortality ultimate purpose is being alive, second stage the soul
advanced as BABY SOULS its attributes are rules,roles,law and
order, crime and awareness the ultimate
purpose shall be belonging to a culture. Third stage of soul is
YOUNG SOULS its attributes are, Independence, self advancement,
personal achievements free will and ultimate purpose shall be
being a free agent. Fourth stage of soul is MATURE SOULS its
attributes are Interdependence, relationship, empathy. Intimacy,
self awareness the ultimate purpose shall be Co-Existence with
others. Fifth stage of soul are OLD SOULS its attributes are
autonomy, non-attachment, wise counsel and spiritual awareness,
the ultimate purpose shall be Being part of that,that exist. From the
explained stages of souls and its attributes people shall now
reason why each human being behaves as they do no matter
whom they are in the society .up to 80 percent of people you see
on the street still have Infant soul and as little child/soul; they
cannot be on their self alone because of fear except gathering in
the religious assembly and tries to hear noises from people.10
percent of people you see on the streets are baby souls an
advanced from infancy these group of people goes crime and
punishments and attached to culture and social awareness,5
percent of people you see on the streets are young souls advanced
from baby they are independent and cannot be lured to become
stooge and cannot be converted by any religious sect.3 percent of
people you see on the streets are matured soul and advanced
stage of soul from youth/soul, these group of people does not
participate in any negative phenomena they see things as they are
and believes that all happening emanates from supreme God.2
percent of people you see on the street are old souls these people
are highly spiritual /creators and has attain soul realization which
made them live the life of detachment of earthly materials in all
reminifications.These group of people has realized that only Love
stands as visa to heaven. Now the question remains what kind of
people parades these soul stages. The answer is that the soul
does not go with physical or biological age of man. The said
stages of soul is embedded on every level of physical human
being, showing that a physical child of 10 years may have
advanced soul and an adult of 80 years may have infant soul. This
write up may now discourage the people who incarcerate souls by
trapping them in the mortuaries. Any kind of physical death has
nothing to do with soul; the mission of soul on earth is to advance
from infancy to maturity even if it takes the soul 1000 deaths and
births. What counts on any living soul is maturity and perfection
once it perfects it transcends back to endless Gods galaxies called
heaven. On this note I will like the readers of my word of masters
to know that those still on infant and baby stages of souls may not
understand what am talking about and they may not be blamed,
but surely those mature and old souls how lucky are you to read

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