Stop Deceiving In The Name Of Love

Lots of guys are fooling in the name of dating, doing all sorts of
stupid stuff just to keep a relationship which has no future. She
earns more than you do, but you are the one responsible for
everything of hers, yet she is not even your wife. That alone
should tell you something is wrong with you.
She is always sending you to her preferred restaurant without her
money to get her food, it is not once in a blue moon, it has become
a daily affair; and on days you don’t have money to provide, you
have to borrow or sell some belongings. Some even go to the
extent of stealing from others just to please their girlfriend.
You go to work daily in Trotro yet you are responsible for paying
the Taxi or Uber fare of your girlfriend, and you claim to be in love?
My dear friend, you are not in love, you are fooling.
You live in a family house, don’t have the means to rent your own
but you have gone for loan just to rent for your girlfriend. When
asked why you will do such a thing, you claim she is your wife to
be. You are wrong boy, she is just a girlfriend, someone’s wife in
the making.
You don’t have masters yet you are busily paying for your
girlfriend to attain a master’s degree. Meanwhile you’ve not got
money to marry her or pay for her bride price because you lack the
things which will accommodate her and make life comfortable for
her. You don’t need anyone to point to you, you are too old to be
She is so busy, has no time to do her laundry, you have to do that
for her or take it to the laundry and pay for the cost, whilst you
have your own clothes dirty. You do dry washing in your bathroom
every morning to get something to wear. I don’t need to tell you,
something is very wrong.
You phone has a problem, you are struggling with it, yet you have
gotten the latest phone for your girlfriend on high purchase, just to
keep the relationship. The saddest part is, whenever you call, her
line is always busy and you are wondering who at all she might be
talking to.
Your parents and siblings ask you for help, you claim you are
broke but each week you send mobile money to your girlfriend’s
sibling, deceiving yourself they are your inlaws. Young man, they
are not, she is not married to you.
Upon all these sacrifices, you are wondering where you stand with
her. Well it is time to stop standing and start walking. Your
girlfriend is not your responsibility.If they can’t be responsible for
their needs, it is a clear sign she is not ready for marriage. Stop
demanding s-x from her too.
Even if you marry her, what shows she can cook, wash her
personal stuff not to talk of the family’s. How responsible will she
be when she lives a life of irresponsibility during dating? This life is
ironic; when you are young, you have lots of energy to waste but
not wisdom, don’t waste your energy on her, learn wisdom from
the old. You need to manage your energy positively.
Every successful marriage needs adequate preparation. If you
start saving all these monies you waste on her you will realize how
rich you are and how responsible you can be. You will also know
exactly what you want and won’t waste your resources on
anything that is not worth.
You can’t marry her now because either you are not ready or she
is not. It is time for you to become wise, enough of the fooling.
Stop giving your all to a relationship that has nothing to offer you.
In conclusion “You should each judge your own conduct. If it is
good, then you can be proud of what you yourself have done,
without having to compare it with what someone else has done.

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