Stop deceiving Nigerians with your preaching and word of God, Fayose task men of God to join politics

dvises Bishop Omotunde to join politics and stop the deceit
Former Governor of Ekiti State, Chief Ayodele Fayose, has said his
tenure immensely benefitted the people of the state just as he
advised the Anglican Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Rt Reverend
Christopher Omotunde to remove the cassock and mount the soap
box so that the whole world would know that he has joined politics.

Fayose, who stated this through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr
Idowu Adelusi, was reacting to a statement by the Anglican Bishop
describing Fayose’s tenure as a waste and non-beneficial to Ekiti
Adelusi said only a cleric trying to justify the blatant rigging of the last Ekiti governorship election by the All Progressives Congress
(APC) would describe the physical transformation of Ekiti by the
Fayose administration as a waste.

“Even the blind feels the good works of Fayose and perhaps Bishop
Omotunde and the likes need to change their eye glasses to see
well. “Our fathers have a saying that it is disheartening when one hears a statement of gullibility from a place where one expects to hear the words of wisdom.

The records of the Fayose administration are there for all to see.
It organised an Education Summit that led to great improvement in
education in the state. Ekiti came first back-to-back in NECO
exams and we also did well in WAEC. These are public institutions
and the records are there for Omotunde to peruse.

The Fayose administration built the first flyover in the state and it
passes besides Omotunde’s church. One wonders if the bishop
closes his eyes whenever he drives or passes through that place. If
he does not, we pray that God opens his spiritual eyes.
“The Fayose government built a new high court complex, a new
Governor’s Office, a new Oja’ba Market; dualised roads in Ise,
Emure, Ikole, Omuo, Ijero, Efon, among others. It also dualized the
Ado-Ikere road, built many roads in Ado itself such as Petim- Afao
Road and Dehead- Police Headquarters Road. May be the bishop
does not pass through these roads!.

Accreditation for various courses in EKSU, School of Nursing, and
College of Health Technology was pursued and achieved by the
administration. We can go on and list many other achievements in
agriculture, health, social welfare and other sectors.
“Yearly, the Fayose administrstion recognised hard-working
teachers and civil servants with car prizes and other gifts. Within
four years, it was promotion galore for civil servants. Civil servants
and teachers will not agree with the untenable and jaundiced
position of Omotunde.

Nigerian Presidential Poll

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?

The Ekiti people who Fayose served for almost eight years know
that his time was a great blessing to them, which is why they call
him the architect of modern Ekiti. “Bishop Omotunde should
remove his priest’s garment and mount the soap box if he is
minded to be this politically partisan.”
“He said Fayose’s opposition to Buhari administration did not
allow Ekiti to benefit anything from the centre.
“Assuming that was the case, it only confirmed President
Muhammadu Buhari as an autocrat who must not be criticised,
and not a democrat who should take criticisms in his stride.

“We make bold to say that Ekiti under Fayose and PDP has
witnessed more economic and physical development in the last
four years when compared to neighbouring APC-controlled states
which have openly venerated President Buhari as their god-father.
“What has Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Ogun benefitted from the Federal
Government? What has even Lagos, where the APC national leader
comes from, benefitted? “In terms of peace and security, Ekiti under Fayose was peaceful; it was secured from herdsmen attacks, assassinations, and armed robbery opreations. These and politically-motivated killings have returned in full swing under Fayemi/APC.

Adelusi said that Bishop Omotunde ought to have listed what Ekiti
benefited from Fayemi as Minister for Solid Minerals. While Ekiti
was number 34 in public exams during Fayemi’s first tenure,
Fayose changed the narrative back-to-back; he added.
Adelusi then said Fayose does not owe the cleric any apology for
criticizing the obnoxious policies and indecisions of the president,
which have brought untold suffering on Nigerians.

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